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People and work
Artamonova V. - The concept of gamification and its reflection in self-determination theory pp. 10-16


Abstract: Game motivation represents a particular psychophysiological process of formation in an individual of the inner motivational forces towards labor influences by the external stimuli and internal characteristics of consciousness while playing. Within the modern information world, this type of motivation is actively practiced in various fields of human life. In the concept of gamification, game motivation plays one of the paramount roles, due to which the development of gamified systems is considered as one of the most complicated spheres for the software developers. Despite the different contexts of application of the gamification concept, the author focuses on the use and implementation of game mechanics in labor sphere and human resource management. An attempt is made to examine gamification from the perspective of meeting the basic demands. The main positions of self-determination theory are presented in the article. The author gives characteristics to the basic demands described in self-determination theory, which are primary in terms of formation of the self-determinant personal competence. The article analyzes the self-determination continuum founded on highlighting the six types of motivation. The author suggests the system of application of the various game mechanics depending on the basic demands and values of the staff members.  
Odintsov A.V. - Activism resource of local associations of the Volgograd Oblast pp. 11-23


Abstract: The object of this research is the local municipal and rural associations of the Volgograd Oblast. The subject of this research is the resource of activism of local associations of the Volgograd Oblast. This research analyzes the key characteristics of the population of municipal and rural districts of the Oblast for emergence of activism, namely the unity in understanding of the key issues faced by local association and attention to them; presence of social solidarity and close communication; self-identification with the local territorial community. The main hypothesis of this research was tested with help of mass surveys of the population, conducted based on quota cell. Statistical population in this research – the population of the Volgograd Oblast (N=2,491,751). The basis for the quota consisted in the following: place of residence of respondents (municipal and rural districts of the Volgograd Oblast), as well as gender and age of respondents. The total size of the cell is n=848 respondents. The novelty of this research consists in the fact that for the first time it is determined that rural local associations possesses greater potential for activism than their urban counterparts, which can become a substantial base for development of rural areas if properly applied.
Didkovskaya Y.V. - Working youth of the industrial regions of Russia: the image of social future as a development factor of innovation potential pp. 12-25


Abstract: The subject of this research is the impact of integrated sociocultural factors, namely the image of social future, upon fulfilment of innovation potential of youth. As the innovation potential of youth, the author reviews a number of traits, characteristics and skills that allow the younger generation to perceive and develop the novelties, feel the need in them, be ready to mastering novelties in technology and management. The image of social futures implies a set of subjective representations of a social actor containing the ideals of social development, social expectations and life strategies. The presented results are based on the data of questionnaire-based survey among youth employed in the industrial sector of six industrial regions of Russia (N=1050). The study demonstrates that a significant number of young employees show proclivity for innovation activity, master and implement new technologies, and would like to offer and develop their ideas and projects. However, the fulfillment of innovation potential of youth in the referred regions faces major obstacles of internal and external character. Among the external barriers are named disinterestedness of a business in innovations, absence or lack of state programs of incentivizing youth projects. The internal barriers include low level of motivation towards innovation activity. According to the acquired results, motivation towards innovation activity substantially depends on sociocultural factor – social wellbeing of all employees, and particularly, their stance on the social future. Overall, the expectations of negative events prevail over the expectation of positive ones; the negative social expectations of young employees mostly pertain to the economic sphere.
Popandopulo O., Shaforostov E.G. - Formation of professional identity in the process of effective interaction between the civil society institutions and the government pp. 12-17


Abstract: This article is aimed at studying the factors of increasing effectiveness of personal activity in the process of formation of professional identity in the modern sociocultural conditions by means of creating a strategy of socializing capabilities of the society. The process of formation of professional identity of a person represents an integrative cross-disciplinary object of research. In a broad sense, its relevance is defined by the need to design a scientifically substantiated model of interaction between the civil society institutions and the government as the leading socialization agents for the purpose of increasing its effectiveness. For social science, relevant remains the objective and comprehensive assessment of the processes unfolding within youth environment, which develop under the influence of global and regional, economic and political, social and legal, cultural and socio-psychological factors. The novelty of this article is determined by the insufficient elaboration of systemic analysis of the indicated problematic, with involvement of modern technologies for structuring and modeling of the social processes and professional socialization of a person. The uniqueness consists in the ability to preliminarily create the essential information base and formalize the acquired knowledge on the expert level. This would allow giving a more accurate assessment to the peculiarities of social processes that contribute to the conscious choice of a profession, and based on that build a model for improving the efficiency of personal activity in the process of formation of professional identity within modern sociocultural environment.
Chudnova O.V. - Management of stimulation of work of the teachers of modern higher school based on the Porter Lawler Model of Motivation pp. 13-17


Abstract: This article is dedicated to the questions of management of the system of motivation and stimulation of work in a modern higher school. Its relevance is substantiated by the need for qualitative replacement of such category of employees within academic-pedagogical environment, by attracting the most talented, competent, and professionally accomplished personnel, because this is the key to successful development of the entire system of higher education. Despite the wide array of research dedicated to human resource management, the questions of the effective motivation of pedagogues towards the quality of educational process and structured with consideration of specificities of this category of employees and realities in a modern higher school, remain insufficiently studied. Based on the analysis of the key aspects in activity of faculty members in Russian universities, the author covers the major problems associated with the development of effective system of motivation and stimulation of academic-pedagogical personnel. As a method for improving the system of stimulation, the author suggests using the Porter Lawler Model of Motivation adjusted to the current realities of the facilities of higher professional education.
Rozanova L.I. - Labour Mobility: Competition-Free Enviroment with Prospects for Development pp. 15-23


Abstract: The problem of labour mobility is usually viewed as the part of current economic changes that create the need to transfer labour resources. Many researhers focus on living conditions that arise after an employee moves to a new place of work and residence. Noteworthy that these researchers believe that the important goal of the housing policy should be accomodation of workers because today labour mobility is rather limited due to the fact that it is impossible for a worker to find a new place of residence in a new region. The author of the present research article analyzes the process of labour migration within the industry sector and intensity of such migration depending on different ecoomic activities. Special attention is paid to the processes of acceptance and dismissal of employees in in economic sectors with a high level of labour mobility. The present research of the problems of labour migration is based on the comparative analysis and statistical evidence about the changes in the number of accepted and dismissed in relation to the average number of employees performing a particular economic activity. The scientific importance and novelty of research is the discovery of optimal proportions of the transfer of human capital assets that is supposed to encourage career advancement and personal self-improvement. The author concludes that in some sectors, especially in the service sector, a high level of labour mobility decreases the quality of human capital assets and therefore lowers the quality of the services offered. In order to provide competent staff in the economic sector, it is necessary to pay more attention to improving the working conditions and payment for hired employees. 
Tinyakova E.A. - Professional Conditions of Labor and Action Matrix of Job Image as Important Anthropological Factor which Surpasses the Work of Nature pp. 18-37


Abstract: Axiological, cultural, social and economic traits, merits and drawbacks of various professions are compared with the aim of their tribute into positive and negative anthropological development. A special attention is paid to contradictions in life-providing potential of professions. Esthetic image of jobs and professions is related to actors’ mastership. Nowadays, on the contemporary level of human labor activity, there grows a necessity to “play’ one’s profession, that is to build “an esthetic canal” to realize and transport one’s professional abilities. This tendency strengthens economic and social status of professions. The article paves the way to a new branch of research–anthropological praxiology which sets problems of human development in respect to labor differently as do sociology, economic theories, culturology and classic praxiology and anthropology.
Dvorzhakova Z., Fedorova A., Koropets O.A. - The impact of precarity of employment upon the changes in labor relations: assessment of employees of various countries pp. 19-34


Abstract:  Crisis phenomena in the modern economy produce a destructive effect upon the well-being of contract workers. More often, the organizations implement the toxic practices of human resource management, which led to the increase in the level of social pollution of corporate environment, forming the unfavorable psychosocial conditions for professional activity among the staff members. The subject of this research is the labor relations; the goal consists in the monitoring and analysis of changes in labor relations of the five countries, identification of differences and common regularities in labor relations between the employers, chiefs, and employees in various countries that are the factors of social pollution of corporate environment. The article provides the interim results of monitoring, conducted by the author over the period of 2015-2016, that reflect the perception of employees of different categories realizing their professional activity in various socioeconomic conditions, as well as status the employer – worker relationship. Based on the results, the authors reveal the factors of social pollution that have a negative effect upon the well-being of contract workers. The article also identified the factors of formation and expansion of precariat as a new social class. The detailed examination of the aforementioned factors will allow developing the new approaches and methods of managing the well-being of workforce potential at macro and micro levels.   
Neustroeva A.B., Germogenova I.Y. - Employment issues of disabled persons in the Sakha Republic (Yakutia) pp. 21-31


Abstract: This article describes the employment issue of disabled citizens at the regional job market of Sakha Republic, their integration into socio-labor sphere, risks and social barriers faced by them in pursuing a job. The author examine such aspects of the topic as the legal grounds of employment of the disabled persons, employment terms and special work positions, assignment of quota for workplaces, reasons of unemployment. The article provides the results of original sociological survey on the employment issues of the disabled persons in Sakha Republic (Yakutia), using the analysis of statistical indexes, analysis of documents, questionnaire, and interview. The main conclusion lies in the fact that the existing legislation in the area of employment of the disabled persons fails to fulfil, because the majority of them face considerable issues in pursuing a suitable job and employment. The basic peculiarity of employment of the disabled persons in Sakha Republic lies in the limited job offers, lack of the equipped workplaces for the disabled, inaccessibility to urban and rural environment.
Viazinkin A. - Socioeconomic liberation of a person and the problem of sovereign identity in the philosophy of Russian Populism pp. 21-27


Abstract: The subject of this research is the problem of socioeconomic liberation of a person in the context of a concept of sovereign entity. Within the social philosophy of Russian Populism, this problem is resolved through the creation of a so-called “philosophy of labor” that defines the key provisions and criteria of the socioeconomic independence of a person. Such “philosophy of labor” is a seamless component of the socio-philosophical heritage of Russian Populism and meant to resolve the problem of both, social and anthropological ideal. For more detailed analysis, the author examines the perception of the ideological heritage of Populism within neo-Populist environment. The novelty of this research consists in the historical-philosophical consideration of the socio-philosophical problem from the philosophical and anthropological perspective, most adequate applicable to the ideological heritage of Russian Populism. The problem of sovereign identity is views through the criteria of “liberation of a person”, among which the emphasis is made on the socioeconomic factor. Based on a number of analytical theses formulated in the article, the conclusion is made that the social and anthropological ideas of Russian Populism should be considered in the context of the concept of sovereign identity, the entity which independence is achieved following the criteria of socioeconomic autonomy.
Chervinskaya-Yakimyuk E.F. - Occupational burnout of the city bus drivers pp. 22-33


Abstract: This article examines the question associated with the occupational burnout phenomenon among the city bus drivers of Kraków. The main topic of this research is included into the content of the question: are there signs of the occupational burnout syndrome among the polled city bus drivers? The following specific problems were being formulated:Do the drivers show signs of emotional and physical exhaustion?Do the drivers show sign of depersonalization?Do the drivers show the signs of dissatisfaction with their job?The additional question was formulated in the following way: do the drivers have feeling that they carry a tremendous responsibility for life and health of other people? The authors comprised an original survey based on the literature on this matter, as well as TEDIUM test. The survey consists of 21 close-end questions with regards to three dimensions of occupational burnout: emotional exhaustion, depersonalization, lack of the feeling of satisfaction with their job. The conclusion demonstrates that the polled drivers do not explicit the features of job burnout syndrome, although expressively declare the feeling of immense responsibility for the life and health of other people. However, the attention should be paid to the degree of depersonalization, in which 2 out 5 indexes received excessive results (stressed passengers, substantive interpretation of passengers).
Tolkachev P. - Entrepreneurship and the phenomenon of risk: organizational and sociocultural peculiarities of the definition of risk in economic space pp. 22-36


Abstract: This article attempts to present a philosophical criticism of the phenomenon of risk in entrepreneurship, considering two historically established approaches: economic-management (risk management) or organizational-analytical, and sociocultural (risk as a structure of public expectation). The subject of this research is the concept of “risk” related to the categories of uncertainty, danger, probability and possibility. The general perspective of philosophical understanding of this phenomenon is presented. The object of this research is the sphere of entrepreneurship, mostly independent, private entrepreneurship, which over the past two decades marks rapid growth of investments. The author explores the following aspects: 1) economic structure of the spontaneously generated order; 2) organizational importance of risk management; 3) structure of public expectation of risk as uncertainty or danger, associated with entrepreneurship; 4) description of positive and negative implication of the concept of risk. Comprehensive articulation of the phenomenon of risk in modern society is realized through philosophical generalization of economic importance of the spontaneously generated order (Friedrich Hayek), which contributes to proliferation of entrepreneurship, and allows revealing positive trend in acceptance of risk in modern society via sociological analysis. The scientific novelty consists in determining that the various classifications of the objects of risk in the context of economic-management (organizational) approach are based on the classical definition of market and market relations; this results in the positive meaning of competition and constantly growing employment index in business sector. Having analyzed multiple approaches toward risk situations and phenomenon of uncertainty, the author presents an original approach towards classification of the types of societies depending on acceptance/non-acceptance of the phenomenon of risk.
Gimadeeva D.R. - Professional self-realization online (on the example of the social network Instagram) pp. 28-36


Abstract: This article is dedicates to the transformation of professional self-realization under the influence of Internet technologies. The object of this research is the professional self-realization of an individual in modern society; while the subject is the practices of professional self-realization in social network (on the example of “Instagram”). The author gives special attention to the emergence and popularity of the social networks, which discovered new prospects and opportunities of professional self-realization, such as telecommuting and freelance, which is relevant among the categories of people excluded from the traditional work activity due to the objective reasons (for example, maternity leave). Based on the qualitative research of the social network “Instagram”, the author substantiates that the new opportunities of online interaction became in demand from the perspective of professional self-realization. The author uses the method of discourse-analysis of the accounts of Instagram users, which allows analyzing a separate sector of the social category of “mothers”. The main conclusion consists in the position that women during maternity leave represent one of the most active users category, which closely interacts inside the network community, as well as use various methods of professional self-realization that can be combined into three types: professional blogging, development of personal business, representation of large companies or brands within social network. All of these three types can be realized remotely via Internet technologies, in other words, provide opportunity to combine work with other activities (household chores, children education).
Dolzhenko R.A., Lobova S.V. - Examination of the perception of precariatization in the regional labor market pp. 35-52


Abstract: The questions of precariatization have attained a special popularity at the modern stage of study of the social-labor relations. The main cause for such trend is hidden in the entire number of negative effects, which results in this phenomenon. The goal of the article consists in assessment of the level of precariatization in the labor market of Altai Region based on the results acquired during the sociological research. The object of this work is the employees of enterprises and organizations of Altai Region, while the subject lies in precariatization as the problem of social-labor relations. The article includes the following tasks: determination of the content of the notion “precariatization”; revelation of tis basic characteristics; evaluation of the negative effects entailed by precariatization for the actors of social-labor relations; choice of the method of collecting information and ways of evaluation; description of methodology of the study of perception of precariatization by the employees of corporations and organizations of Altai Region; and discussion of its results. The results of this research allow claiming that despite the negative trend in intensification of precariatization in the region, the respondents refer themselves as precaria, in other words, individuals, the labor rights of whom are being infringed, but they still accept precariatization as a normal phenomenon and do not experience significant disturbances.   
Ivanov S.Y., Ivanov A.S., Morkovkin D.E., Gumennaya N.S. - Professional trajectories of the university graduates and their labor adaptation pp. 54-67


Abstract: This article examines certain questions associated with the professional career of university graduates. Under the conditions of dynamics of socio-economic processes, increases the role of professional and personal qualities that ensure competitiveness in the job market, as well as building a successful professional career. The employment of university graduates represents one of the key indicators in their demand, which captures the entire number of stages of the three-party interaction “university-employer-student”. In many ways, the competitive advantages of the graduates along with their personal expectations, define the opportunities for their successful employment. Based on the results of sociological survey, the authors determine the main professional trajectories of the young specialists, as well as the obstacles that impede their successful adaptation in the job market. The primary results of this research consist in revelation of the professional expectations of the young generation under the current conditions, and determination of the general professional skills that are mostly in demand among the young specialists. The authors signify the further career plans of the graduates, reveal the reasons of further specialization outside the core area, as well as possible ways to adjust the professional trajectories of young specialists.  
Tonkikh N.V., Koropets O.A. - Female remote employment: specifics, problems and efficiency criteria pp. 63-77


Abstract: This article is dedicated to the problems of expansion and specifics of female remote employment and its efficiency. The authors determine the economic, social and subjective efficiency criteria of the remote employment. The economic criterion implies the popularity rate of remote employment estimated based on the sociological poll of the heads of organizations. The social criterion includes the satisfaction of employers with the implementation of remote employment; the original formula for its calculation is proposed. The subjective criterion demonstrated the content with distance employment among women. As a result of empirical study, the authors estimate the rated values of separate criterion efficiency indicators. Methodological base contains the modern concepts of employment, particularly the theory of work-life balance. The authorial model of analysis of the impact of female remote employment upon the development of the institution of parenthood serves as the methodical framework for this article. Based on the content analysis of resumes of the applicants and vacancies for the remote job seekers, the authors determine the gender specifics of popularity of the remote female employment. The results of the narrative interview of women who work remotely allowed receiving a subjective assessment of its efficiency. The drawn conclusions allow having a new perspective on organization of remote work for women alongside the selection of government instruments supporting female employment.  
Rozhkova L.V., Vlazneva S.A., Salnikova O.V., Dubina A.S. - Labor values and orientations of modern youth in the conditions of crisis and instability pp. 70-80


Abstract: The subject of this research is the labor values and orientations within the structure of social potential. The object of this research is the Russian youth from the Volga Regions. Due to transition towards the market relations, the priorities in labor values of the Russian, including youth, have changed. Currently, the problem of transformation of labor values of the youth becomes especially relevant under the conditions of ongoing crises and instability. The goal of this study lies in the analysis of social potential of the youth in labor sphere. The article meticulously examines the value components of labor potential of the modern youth: labor values, attitude to labor and professional orientations; analyzes the impact of the current socioeconomic situation upon labor orientations of modern youth. The research objectives were achieved based on analysis of the materials of authorial sociological surveys among the youth of Volga Region and secondary data analysis of the nationwide studies in the area of labor values of the youth. As a result of the conducted research, the authors acquired the new empirical data on the state and sociocultural peculiarities of social potential of the youth in labor sphere. It is concluded that the basic labor values of modern youth is the high wages, interesting job, career and professional growth. The important conditions for getting a “decent job” is the high qualification and extensive professional knowledge, work with full effort, beneficial connections. Therefore, the labor values and orientations of the Russian youth depend on the ongoing social transformations.
Khusyainov T.M., Urusova E.A. - Self-esteem of professionalism in the context of the ontogenetic approach periodization working life pp. 72-82


Abstract: This article discusses the problems of professional formation. The subject of this research is the self-esteem of the level of professionalism. Based on empirical data, the authors examine the self-esteem of professionals depending on the periods of their lives, associating with the stages of professional career.  The theoretical basis leans on the ontogenetic approach, the foundation for periodization in which are the stages regarding the chronological age of a worker. Significant advantage of such periodization can be considered not only the possibility of studying the universal trends in professional development that do not depend on the type of activity and profession, but also the clearly specified stages of professional cycle viewed as a component of the human life cycle. The study is based on both, theoretical developments based on the study of the Russian and foreign scientific literature and empirical data obtained during statistical calculations based on RLMS-HSE (2014). The article presents data that testify to the fact that the subjective assessment of the level of professionalism increases at certain age periods, which may be due to the character of work, level of involvement into it, as well as personal qualities and abilities for self-realization in the selected discipline; all of these aspects allow considering this process in the context of ontogenetic approach.
Solomein A.A., Seryugin A.V. - The influence social logistics of the oil company upon the labor behavior of rotational employees pp. 81-90


Abstract: The subject of this research is the determination of influence of the peculiarities of organization of social logistics of the oil company upon the employment behavior of rotational workers. The object of sociological study is the representative of administration and rotational employees of the “Verkhnechonskneftegaz” PJSC. The goal of this work consists in description of the possible development vectors of social logistics in the activity of oil company for strengthening the employment behavior of rotational workers. It is necessary to note that currently the economic literature practically does not reveal the potential of social logistics on the delivery of rotational employees to the oil and gas reserve. Expert interview for surveying the company’s administration and questionnaire for the employees at the reserve of Verkhnechonskneftegaz” PJSC was selected as the method for collecting information. The sample frame of questionnaire-based survey was stratified by the gender, age and positions held; total of 218 employees have been surveyed. The scientific novelty consists in the authors’ suggestion and application of the methodical approach towards the analysis of peculiarities of organization of social logistics on the delivery of rotational employees to the oil and gas reserve based on the sociological method. The conducted sociological survey detected the contradictory opinions of administration and rotational employees regarding the existing social logistics provided by the oil company. Ye authors note that the problem under consideration is relevant in formation of employment behavior of the rotational workers, which in turn, influences the work performance within the framework of the modern oil company.
Lobova S.V. - Precarious work (unstable employment) in the structure of the labour market in the region pp. 83-97


Abstract: The subject of research is the precarious work, which is low pay, insecurity, lack of protection (the worker becomes vulnerable to social risks such as unemployment and poverty), with connectivity defined by the suffering of workers. The object of the study is economically active population in Altai region at the age from 15 to 72 years in the context of assessing employment. The study aimed at finding answers to questions related to informal employment at the regional labour market: the determinants of prekarisierung employment, what jobs have the characteristics of pretaroli and what are the trends precarization component of the labor market of the Altai territory, in statistical measurements. The official statistical monitoring of the Russian precarious work is still not received. Although in fairness I should say that Rosstat monitors some indicators one way or another characterize the trend of precarious work, the analysis of which allows to argue about the status and trends prekarisierung employment in the labour markets of Russia and regions. Therefore, in search of answers to the above issues, the author proposes in identifying prekarisierung employment to consider the quality of jobs on the presence in them of signs of pretaroli evaluated through the prism of the criteria in the system of dichotomies "stability / instability" and "security / insecurity".The estimates of precarization in the labor market of the Altai region, the data sources for which was the results of dynamic statistical observations conducted by state statistical bodies, indicated a negative trajectory of change in the quality of jobs in the region and signs of precarization. The main contribution of the author in the development of the theme should be considered as an approach to the identification of precarious work in the structure of the labor market by assessing the quality of workers for the presence of signs of precarization, and the designation of the trajectory of change of job quality in the direction of precarization. In the formulation of generally accepted methodological approach to the identification of precarization in the structure of the regional labor market, unstable employment would have to obtain a quantitative assessment that would allow relevant authorities to develop measures on regulation of the investigated type of employment from the standpoint of obtaining maximum effects for both the employee and the employer.
Fedorova A., Koropets O.A., Tonkikh N.V. - Narrative analysis of the negative factors in labor relations pp. 102-112


Abstract: The object of this work is the employees of enterprises and organizations of Sverdlovsk Region, while the subject is the toxic practices of personnel management. The goal of the article is to analyze the negative experience of respondents at the workplace, obtained as a result of destructive labor relations with their employers, managers or colleagues. Within the framework of ongoing long-term study, the authors monitor the changes in labor relations between employers and hired workers. This article introduces some of the results of the part of monitoring, which is devoted to examination of the sources of anxiety and negative emotions at the workplace, as the factors of toxicity of the working environment, identified based on how it is perceived by the employees. A quantitative method of monitoring research, implemented in the form of an annual sociological survey of random groups of Russian enterprises' workers of different economic sectors, is complemented by qualitative methods based on the narrative approach. Narrative analysis focuses on the study of wide range of opinions, as well as understanding, explanation, and interpretation of the acquired empirical data for formulating the hypotheses and productive ideas. As a result, the authors have identified various forms of reflection among the respondents, diving them into the groups depending on expansion of the reflexive process. The majority of respondents are not able to pursue correlation between their actions and the negative situation, which does not allow them to adequately coordinate their work behavior in accordance with the toxic factors of the professional environment. Thus, the use of narrative approach in addition to the quantitative analysis, is aimed at the deeper understanding of the causes of impact of the toxic management practices upon personnel.
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