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Topical issues and vectors for modern conflict resolution studies development
Theory, history and methodology of conflict resolution
The subject field of Conflict studies
Classification and typology of modern conflicts
Structure, function and process of international conflict escalation
Evolution of modern conflicts
Comparative conflict studies
The philosophy of conflict
The place and role of conflict in "new world order" concepts
The global geopolitics of modern conflict
Clash of civilizations
Methods and tools for empirical conflict research
Analysis and prognosis in conflict studies
International conflicts
Domestic political conflicts
Conflict in federate states
Conflict in state administration
Conflict between branches of government
Armed conflict and war
Regional conflicts
State policies in diffusing modern conflicts
The institutes for International and Domestic conflict resolution
The standoff between great powers
Revolutions and national liberation movements
Economy in conflict studies
Conflict in international economic relations
Conflict between authorities and business
Conflict in economic competition
The battle for resources
Conflict in hostile takeovers (corporate raids)
Conflict in organizations
Political conflicts in global politics and international relations
Political conflicts in domestic politics of modern countries
The place and role of political conflict in modern political process
The function of political conflicts
"Colour revolutions" and political regime deconstruction technologies
The conflict of interests and values
International image of the country
Ideological confrontation and the war of meanings
Global issues of world civilization development
Crisis of a unipolar world
New challenges and security threats to modern countries
International security and political stability management
International security systems
Global financial crises
Collective defense initiatives
The political aspects of international war on terror and political extremism
Ethnic and religious separatism
Private military companies and the issue of the fight against mercenary employment
Innovation policies in security
Theories, ideas and concepts for the settlement and resolution of political conflicts
Prevention of political conflicts
Settlement and resolution of political conflicts
The tools for impacting a conflict situation
Negotiation and mediation
Political administration and crisis management
Peacekeeping work of modern countries and international organizations
Peace enforcement and Humanitarian interventions
Conflict management: paradigms, models and technologies
Anglo-Saxon models and technologies for political conflict management
European models and technologies for political conflict management
Middle East models and technologies for political conflict management
East Asian models and technologies for political conflict management
Conflict management in Africa and Latin America
Russian approach to settling and resolving of political conflicts
Soft power in resolving conflicts and applying foreign policy
Controlled chaos
Strategic communication in conflict
Information and psychological warfare
Psychological operations
Information weapons
The role of Mass-Media and New media in conflict management
Network models and mechanisms of conflict mobilization
Legal settlement and resolution of conflicts
Legal basis and procedure for conflict settlement
Legal collisions in conflict settlement
Legal precedent
Comparative Law in conflict studies
International Law and its view on conflict
Law enforcement in conflict settlement and resolution
International Courts
Protecting human rights
The Sociology and Psychology of conflict
Personality psychology in conflict situations
Intrapersonal and role conflicts
Interpersonal conflicts
Social perception of conflict
Strategy and tactics of behavior in conflict situations
Conflict within small social groups
Conflict interaction in interpersonal and mass communication
Psychological methods for constructive conflict resolution
Psychology of marital conflict
Psychology of management conflict
Psychological basis of influence and impact in conflict
Identity and conflict
Value conflict
Morality and ethics in modern conflict
Corporate raider psychology
Political leadership in conflict
Efficient communication in conflict
Controlling the mind and behavior of parties in conflict
Political manipulation and reflexive control
Diagnostics of conflict
Prevention of conflict
Psychological consulting
The Pen Test
Monograph peer reviews
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