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This issue is currently being formed. All articles presented on this page have already been included in this issue, are considered published, and will remain unchanged in the final version of the issue along with other metadata of the articles.
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Contents of Issue № 09/2021
Экологическое и земельное право
Kudelkin N. - Legal issues of compensation for damage caused to the environment as a result of oil spills pp. 1-12


Abstract: The subject of this research is the set legal norms that regulate public relations arising in the process of compensation for damage inflicted to the environment as a result of oil spills. The goal of this work consists in formulating the theoretical and practical conclusions and proposals on the improvement of the institution of compensation for environmental damage as a whole, and the legal aspects of compensation for damage inflicted to the environment due to oil spills in particular. The relevance of this topic is substantiated by the statistical data; for example, in the Arctic Zone of the Russian Federation, the total area of disturbed land as of 2019 was 218,641 hectares, and most of them (according to the data for the entire observation period) were formed due to the extraction of mineral resources, as well as a result of oil and spills during their transportation. In 2019, 17, 000 accidents related to oil spills took place in the Russian Federation, among which 10, 500 were the accidents on oil pipelines. The article explores the questions associated with compensation for environmental damage. The analysis of the effective legislation in this sphere and its practical implementation allowed making a range of conclusions It is noted that the mechanism of compensation for environmental damage in the Russian Federation has significant flaws, namely with regards to compensation for damage in kind, offsetting the costs incurred by the infliction of environmental damage to repair such damage. The issues related to the procedure of disbursement of compensation for environmental damage to restore the state of the environment remain open and virtually unresolved. Recommendations are made on solution of the indicated problems.
Questions of current interest
Sidorenko E.L., Khalizeva E.A. - System of offences associated with securities fraud in the Russian Federation (Part 2) pp. 13-21


Abstract: This article is a sequence of research conducted by the authors on the topic of offences related to digital securities fraud (Part 2). It completes the design of the system of such offences, determining the “subsystem” that considers the economic nature of the Central Securities Depository. For this purpose, analysis is conducted on the articles of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation that form the system of offences related associated with the fraud of non-digital securities (Articles 185-186) from the perspective of their applicability to digital securities and peculiarities of such application. The research is based on the systemic approach, comparative-legal method, logical techniques of analysis and synthesis of information, as well as the method of deduction. The authors conclude on applicability of the Articles 185, 185.1, 185.2 and 185.4 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation to unlawful acts related to digital securities, taking into account the specificity of their legal regulation, namely the absence of necessity of state registration of stocks in the form of digital financial assets, the registration of rights to central securities depository by the information system operator that issued them, etc. Summarizing the results of this research with the results acquired in the Part I, the authors form the system of offences associated with the digital securities fraud, which includes the aforementioned elements, as well as the elements stipulated in the Article 187.1 “Organization of illegal trafficking of digital Rights” of the Draft Federal Law “On Amendments to the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation”. The Russian legal science unfortunately does not give due attention to examination of this problem, and such system is developed for the first time. The authors anchor hopes that the system of offenses they have designed would be effectively used in the law enforcement practice in the context of classification of unlawful action associated with central securities depository.
Belikova K.M. - pp. 22-62


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