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You can publish you articles in our web journal for free. Moreover, our Publishing House will translate your article title, abstract, key words and information about the author into English for free. This information will be shown in the English version of the site and submitted to international science citation bases. 

In addition, our Publishing House offers you additional fee-based services:

1. We can add your article in the Author Service area for you if it seems too difficult for you to do it on your own. To order this service, please register, click on My Articles and select this service.

2. We can also add your University logo and address to your article. If you want to see your University symbols in your article – this service is just for you! You can order this service on the Edit Article page. You can open this page as the second step of your adding an article or select it in My Articles section.

3. We can send a signed proof of your article being published in our web journal. You can order this service in My Articles in the Author Service area. The link to the service order will be displayed in the Actions column after your article is accepted for publication. This service can be useful if you want to prove that your article is published in our journal but the new issue of the journal is not ready yet.

In order to speed up the ordering process, the website will automatically generate a payment receipt with our account details. If you pay it at a bank, you can scan or photograph the receipt marked by the bank as executed and download the image in the Service Author area (see the ‘Download Receipt’ section). It will help you to confirm your payment and enjoy your service sooner. Please pay attention that our Publishing House will not make any actions towards providing services until we receive your payment confirmation (a bank notification or a scanned copy of your receipt). 

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