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Voronin Boris Aleksandrovich

Doctor of Law

Professor, Head of the Scientific Research Directorate, Head of the Department of Management and Law of the Ural State Agrarian University, Honorary Figure of Russian Higher Education, Honorary Worker of Russian Higher Professional Education

620075, Russia, g. Ekaterinburg, ul. Karla Libknekhta, 42, kab. 1308

Voronina Yana Viktorovna

PhD in Economics

Associate Professor at the Department of Management and Economics of the Ural State Agrarian University

620075, Russia, g. Ekaterinburg, ul. Turgeneva, 23




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Abstract: The personnel-to-be for agricultural enterprises mostly live in rural areas. Therefore, it is important to create conditions for the intellectual development of young people in rural schools, which is the subject of the study in this article. Digitalization, creating conditions for the development of "smart agriculture", undoubtedly affects the progress in agricultural relations, but the main emphasis should be placed on the human resource of agriculture. Now it is necessary to develop a system of personnel retraining, to organize the labor discipline of rural residents in small forms of management, to find alternative forms for the production activities of the rural population. Promising technologies of "intelligent" agriculture will ensure effective environmentally safe pest control, will contribute to the restoration and preservation of useful properties of soils and groundwater, and with the help of these technologies, compliance with the certification requirements of organic agriculture will be constantly monitored. hus, the main goal of the personnel policy in the field of agriculture is the timely selection of highly qualified personnel, the development of human capital, the increase in human production efficiency through informatization and modernization of production in each individual agricultural enterprise.Setting Strategic integration is necessary to give the integrity of the overall organizational strategy to develop a personnel strategy. The overall goal of this process is to ensure the intellectualization of human capital and the transition to digital agriculture.

Keywords: persons, labor force, personnel, human capital, sustainable development, intelligent agriculture, agriculture, farming, intellectualization, agricultural economics
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

Postanovlenie Pravitel'stva RF ot 02.03.2019 № 234 (red. ot 07.12.2019) «O sisteme upravleniya realizatsiei natsional'noi programmy «Tsifrovaya ekonomika Rossiiskoi Federatsii» (Ofitsial'nyi internet-portal pravovoi informatsii www.pravo.gov.ru, 11.12.2019, № 0001201912110009).
Voronin B. A., Fateeva N. B. Obespechenie kvalifitsirovannymi spetsialistami APK: sotsial'no – ekonomicheskie problemy (na primere Sverdlovskoi oblasti) // Agrarnyi vestnik Urala. 2014. № 11. S.60-62.
Voronin B. A., Chupina I. P., Voronina Ya. V. Tsifrovizatsiya kak sovremennyi mekhanizm obucheniya v obrazovatel'nykh uchrezhdeniyakh // V sbornike: «Sotsial'no – gumanitarnoe obrazovanie v sovremennom mire: problemy, poiski, resheniya». Materialy Vserossiiskoi nauchno – prakticheskoi konferentsii. 2019. S. 52-59.
Sirchenko A. E. Kadrovaya politika kak instrument upravleniya personalom // Molodoi uchenyi. 2015. № 12. S. 496-499.
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