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Column of main editor
Binhi V. - To authors and readers Ц an introductory article by the Editor-in-chief pp. 1-3



Abstract: It is widely accepted that knowledge equates to power. The ability to explain and predict events allows for undeniable advantages, particularly when it comes to scientific knowledge and understanding objective laws of nature and society. Therefore, the role of science in our society is constantly expanding. It is no surprise that the world's leading economies have been increasing their investment in science and research for several decades, with average percentage growth year after year. The increasing number of scientific journals, which now number in the tens of thousands worldwide, reflects the growing intensity of scientific research. However, it is worth noting that the growth of scientific journals is not evenly distributed across countries and fields of knowledge. In recent times, Russia has been experiencing a shortage of publication resources for interdisciplinary knowledge, particularly in cutting-edge areas where established fields of knowledge intersect. The utilization of rigorous physical methods in biological and medical research has led to an ever-growing stream of invaluable interdisciplinary knowledge that does not necessarily fit within the confines of specialized academic publications. As a result, there is a need for a comprehensive natural science journal that can properly evaluate and publish this interdisciplinary knowledge, encompassing all aspects of physical patterns in the functioning of organisms.
Keywords: interdisciplinary knowledge, scientific knowledge, publication, physics, science, readers, authors, country, scientific periodicals, natural science journal
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