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Physics of biology and medicine
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About journal

Physics of Biology and Medicine (Physics of Biology and Medicine) is an interdisciplinary peer–reviewed open access online journal (online edition) of the Russian scientific publishing house Nota Bene (NB-Media LLC).

The journal specializes in publishing research on the effect of physical factors – non–ionizing electromagnetic fields from permanent electric and magnetic to optical and near UV radiation, sound and ultrasonic vibrations, ionizing radiation, mechanical movements, atmospheric and dissolved molecular agents of low concentration, etc. - on the state of organisms, starting from the cellular level and the level of subcellular organelles and up to ecological systems, including studies of the effects of these factors on human health.

The journal publishes theoretical, experimental and clinical original research, short reports and reviews of current problems that meet all the methodological criteria of natural sciences – rationality, objectivity, reproducibility, verifiability, novelty, etc.

Editor-in-Chief: Binhi Vladimir Nikolaevich, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, head of the laboratory.

A.M. Prokhorov Institute of General Physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow 119991, Russia, 38 Vavilova str.

Physical sciences, biological sciences.


V.N. Binhi is known for his work in theoretical magnetobiology. He is an expert in this field with over 40 years of research experience and has published about 70 papers in peer-reviewed journals and several monographs. His book "Magnetobiology" (Academic Press, 2002) is devoted to the classical and quantum physics of magnetobiology. V.N. Binhi completed his training and postgraduate studies at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, was awarded a PhD degree in solid state physics from the Lebedev Physical Institute of the USSR Academy of Sciences and a D.Sc. degree in physics and mathematics from the Lomonosov Moscow State University for theoretical work in the field of electromagnetic biophysics. For a long time, V.N. Binhi headed the biophysics laboratory at the Prokhorov General Physics Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Major publications are in Physical Review, Physics-Uspekhi, EuroPhysics Letters, Int. J. of Radiation Biology, PLoS ONE, Scientific Reports, Journal of Chemical Physics, Cells, Bioelectromagnetics, etc. 


Editorial office address: 115114, Moscow, Paveletskaya embankment 6a-211.

Publisher, founder - Vasily Ivanovich Danilenko

E-mail: w.danilenko@gmail.com

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