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Contents of Issue № 03/2023
Экологическое и земельное право
Svetskiy A.V. - Legal Protection of the Marine Environment from Oil and Petroleum Product Spills pp. 1-12



Abstract: The article deals with social relations arising in the process of preventing and eliminating emergency oil and petroleum product spills in the marine environment. The danger of pollution of the marine environment by oil and petroleum products is reviewed, two major accidents related to the spill of oil and petroleum products are mentioned: the release of oil from the Exxon Valdez tanker and the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. The methods used to eliminate accidents in the Baltic Sea, as well as some features of this region, are considered. The special role of the Polar Code in the prevention of pollution of polar waters by oil and petroleum products is considered. The article also discusses the requirements for the prevention of accidental spills contained in international acts. The article notes that most of the existing international legal norms, as well as legal acts of national legislation, are aimed at ensuring compliance with the established rules for the transportation of oil and petroleum products, requirements for the operation of ships, their design features, as well as for the proper operation of equipment. It is necessary to eliminate gaps in legislation regarding the regulation of oil collection under ice in the polar region. It seems necessary to legislatively regulate the use of special means for monitoring oil spills. Legislation in the field of forecasting, accident prevention, as well as taking into account the natural features of the region of production and transportation of petroleum products needs further improvement
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