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Artificial Intelligence and Data Science
Orekhov B.V. - Text and knowledge in the aspect of large language models pp. 104-113



Abstract: The focus of this text is on the influence of large linguistic models on the self-determination of the humanities. Large language models are able to generate plausible texts. It seems that they thus become on a par with other tools that, throughout the development of technology have freed people from routine. At the same time, for the humanities, the individualization of the generated texts is very great, and knowledge itself is closely related to its textual embodiment. If we agree that knowledge is a text, and embodied in another text, another knowledge appears before us, then humanities will have to answer the question of how a text generated by a person differs in value from the same text generated by a machine. The text of the work raises methodological and epistemological problems of the correlation of texts of natural and artificial origin if they are made in the genre of a scientific work. The difference between such artifacts is clearly visible only for some scientific disciplines, and raises questions about the rest. These issues should be resolved with the help of deep reflection, which was not so urgently needed in the last centuries of the development of the humanities, but which is now required from a humanitarian scientist. The humanitarian will have to explicitly oppose himself to large language models and prove the importance of his work compared to what a neural network can generate.
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