Статья 'Международная научная конференция «Аналитические методы и информационные технологии в исторических исследованиях: от оцифрованных данных к приращению знаний»' - журнал 'Историческая информатика' - NotaBene.ru
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Historical informatics

International Conference “Analytical Methods and Information Technologies in Historical Studies: from Digitized Data to Knowledge Increment”

Garskova Irina Markovna

Doctor of History

Associated professor, Lomonosov Moscow State University

119607, Russia, g. Moscow, ul. Ramenki st., 31-253, Ramenki st., 31-253, of. Ramenki st., 31-253

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Abstract: The article analyzes reports made at the 16th conference of the Association “History and Computer” (AHC). Comparative analysis of the association’s conferences over the past years allows one to see both traditional and new trends national historical information science follows in the digital age, identify the main theoretical and applied problems related to the use of information technologies and mathematical methods in historical research when information resources rapidly grow and require adequate analytical methods and approaches. The article continues the work to classify and dynamically analyze topics addressed at by AHC’s conference participants as well as study the main ways national historical information science has been on since the early 1990s. The informational basis of the study is a growing full-text historiographic collection and a bibliographic database of AHC’s publications. The study has demonstrated that the conference reports correspond both to the information trend to create and use digital resources, databases, historical GIS, 3D reconstructions of historical and cultural heritage objects and to the trend to process and analyze historical sources with the help of computer simulation methods, mathematical statistics, content analysis, network and spatial analysis i.e. analytical tools necessary to grasp large arrays of digital online sources.

Keywords: content analysis, databases, digital resources, analytical methods, information technologies, conference, historical informayion science, virtual reconstruction, simulation, digitizing
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

Analiticheskie metody i informatsionnye tekhnologii v istoricheskikh issledovaniyakh: ot otsifrovannykh dannykh k prirashcheniyu znanii. – M.: MAKS Press, 2018. – 184 s. (Informatsionnyi byulleten' Assotsiatsii «Istoriya i komp'yuter». №47. Spetsial'nyi vypusk)
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