Статья '"Независимый" квартал Христиания в Копенгагене: история и современное состояние' - журнал 'Урбанистика' - NotaBene.ru
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Urban Studies

Christiania - the "Independent" section of Copenhagen: history and modern time

Khusyainov Timur Maratovich

Manager of the faculty of Humanitarian Sciences, National Research University "Higher School of Economics"

603000, Russia, Nizhegorodskaya oblast', g. Nizhnii Novgorod, ul. Bol'shaya Pecherskaya, 25/12, kab. 310

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Abstract: This study examines the phenomenon of "Freetown Christiania", the emergence of which in the middle of the Danish capital is one of the most interesting social experiments of our time. An attempt to create a society from scratch, forming a new social and economic life, political structure, at the very center of one of the European capitals - not on a remote island. This work aims to define a new study object and the limits for research within different scientific disciplines and interdisciplinary research. The method of this study is theoretical analysis of Russian and foreign scientific literature and other sources on the subject of "Freetown Christiania." The novelty of the research lies in the fact that "Freetown Christiania" represents an intriguing social experiment, and was not properly researched. In this paper, the author makes an attempt to define a new object of interdisciplinary research. This article contains an overview of major events since the beginning up to the present moment.

Keywords: Microstate, Utopian communities, Counter-economics, Hippie, Copenhagen, Freetown Christiania, Christiania, City block, autonomy, self-government
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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