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Legal problems of the development of agricultural entrepreneurship

Vladimirov Igor' Aleksandrovich

PhD in Law

Associate Professor at the Department of Financial and Environmental Law of the Institute of Law of Bashkir State University

450005, Russia, g. Ufa, ul. Dostoevskogo, 131




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Abstract: The author finds out that the modern jurisprudence falls behind the pace of development of the real industrial sector, including that of Russia’s agricultural economy, therefore, all that scientists can do is to scientifically describe the objective reality. The author notes that the problem of legal regulation of agricultural entrepreneurship is aggravated by the complex character of normative regulation of this field the practice of which includes the provisions of civil, entrepreneurial, tax, labour, land, environmental and agricultural legislation. The author uses the method of analysis of legal regulations to detect the meaning of the legal provision and define the degree of its impact on the development of social relations involving the subjects of agricultural entrepreneurship. The author uses the comparative-legal method to compare, characterize and detect the peculiarities of the legal status of the subjects of agricultural entrepreneurship, and to compare the constitutional and legal provisions of foreign states regulating agricultural business. The author studies the works of foreign authors in the field of study. Based on them and on the analysis of the works of Russian scientists, the author substantiates the agricultural business legal regulation concept. The author formulates the definitions of the terms “agricultural entrepreneurship”, “agricultural business entity”, “legal regulation of agricultural business”, “agricultural organization”. The author defines the basis of legal regulation of agricultural entrepreneurship. 

Keywords: social agricultural cooperatives, agricultural organization, subject of agricultural entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, agricultural entrepreneurship, law, agriculture, legal regulation, economy, food security
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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