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Police staffing
Kuzina N.V., Sulimov K.T. - Universal Odor Detector: On Creating the Genetic Resources of Domestic Service of Search Dogs pp. 26-51


Abstract: The object of the research is the method for selecting and breeding as well as training search dogs. The subject of the research is the algorithm for developing and supporting the genetic resources of search dogs of hybrid populations like Laika reindeer herding and European jackal. The research and implementation of the practice of creating the genetic resources and developing the algorithm for selecting and training Laika reindeer herdings and European jackals has been done by the author for over thirty years. In this research the author has used the historical analysis (origin and development of domesticated dog and the problem of the reverse mutagenesis in the animal world), genetic analysis (the influence of jackals on features of domesticated dogs in the process of cross breeding), particularities of inheritting working features of dogs (in particular, their manifestation under different cross breeding conditions), experimental method (testing olfactor features of dogs in practice and work). The author has also used the descriptive and classification approach to analyzing the current list of breeds used in search activities (for example, dog security service at Aeroflot). The author offers the algorithm for creating the genetic sources of a universal search dog from Laika reindeer herding and European jackals, describes and classifies current genetic resources (owned by Aeroflot), and provides methods for testing dogs depending on their working abilities as well as methods for bringing up and training universal search dogs based on available genetic resources.   These dogs have a highly developed intuition and can become universal official search dogs. Describes the tragic fate of the small size stock huskies in Russia, ways of their hybridization with the jackal and the available population.
Dresvyannikova E.A. - Increase of Communicative Competence of Employees of the State Traffic Inspectorate in Rendering Service Tasks pp. 44-52


Abstract: The subject of this research is the communicative competence of road safety inspectorate officers. The author of the article emphasizes the importance of the acquisition  of the main professional knowledge and skills in the possession of psychological characteristics and psychotechnics of communication by the traffic police. The possible ways to the quality and efficiency of the psychological training of the State Traffic Inspectorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia at the present stage are considered in the article and so are the possibilities of application of psychological training in improving professional training. Based on the conducted research and evaluation of communicative skills and abilities, state traffic officers who are first taken on duty are given a general analysis in terms of their level of development of communicative competence, the author also offers recommendations how to raise their competence. The scientific novelty of the research is caused by the fact that the author analyzed the level of development of communicative competence of State Traffic Inspectorate officers, described "problematic", i.e. requiring further development and improvement, communicative skills and abilities; and defined three blocks (component) that constitute professional and communicative competence of traffic policemen. The main conclusion, which is based on the results of the study, is that the professional and communicative competence of the traffic police is an important indicator of professionalism and effectiveness of their activities.
Nugaeva A.I. - On the issue of a right of citizens to join prosecution staff. pp. 73-89


Abstract: The article concerns legal and organizational problems regarding implementation of the right of citizens to join public service in general and prosecution staff in particular.  It is noted in the article that the legislative provisions for the requirements to the persons assigned as prosecutors, procedure for employment of prosecution staff and competence of prosecutors, widening the range of collegiate elements in prosecution activities considerably strengthened the legal basis for the cadre work.  The modern approach towards the formation of cadres, selection of staff from the persons meeting the requirements to the status of prosecutors calls for the transfer from the subjective personal evaluation to the scientifically grounded professional choice of candidates.  When choosing staff for prosecutor work the cadres services make decisions based on their ideas on importance of certain characteristics or health conditions. However, not all of the relevant issues of choice and positioning of prosecution staff were duly resolved.
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