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Scientific and engineering support of national security
Eliseeva L.G., Makhotina I.A., Kalachev S.L. - Increasing Plant Product Safety By Reducing the Concentraiton of Phytates pp. 9-17


Abstract: The subject of the research is the opportunity to increase food safety by reducing the concentration of the anti-alimentary factor, phytic acid and its salts. The author salso touch upon the question about providing enough protein in food products consumed by the popularion as well as the current deficiency of food protein and the fact that the situation is most likely to get even worse in the future as a result of the population growth. In many developing countries the deficiency of protein refers not only to the overall problem of undernutrition but also unbalanced diet when the share of plant protein containing unhealthy anti-alimentary components prevails. The most commonly used anti-alimentary components are protease, alkoloids, oligasugar, and phytates. Phytates lower the bioavailability of micronutrients and thus increases the deficiency of these life-important elements in food. The scope of the research covers such issues as the provision of population with enough protein sources and possible influence of such anti-alimentary compositions as phytates on digestibility and bioavailability of food components. The author used the method of comparative anlaysis to evaluate the technology of reducing the concentration of phytates. To define the concentration of phytates, the author has applied the method of indirect qualitative analysis that is based on the spectophotometery and anion-exchange chromatography. The novelty of the research is caused by the fact that the authors have used the method of induced autolysis to decreate the concentration of anti-alimentary components in plant protein. The authors have suggested to use the modified method of indirect qualitative analysis of phytates in bean cultures. They have received the following conclusions: the processing method offered by the authors allow to decrease the concentration of phytates in the initial vegetable feed by over 25%. The method of indirect qualitative analysis has proved to be plain but valid. 
Loginova E.V., Dubovikova E.Y. - The analysis of innovative capacity of Russian science in the context of national security ensuring pp. 17-69


Abstract: The research object comprises the factors determining the formation and realization of innovative capacity of the Russian science. The research subject is the set of economic connections and relations emerging in the process of implementation of innovative capacity of Russian science with the purpose of national security ensuring. The authors characterize the factors determining the resource component of the innovative capacity of Russian science. Special attention is paid to the analysis of rates characterizing the efficiency of scientific studies: the knowledge content of the GDP, the number of patent claims and grants, the number of created and applied advanced technologies, and the balance of technological trade with other countries, which help to define the level of realization of innovative capacity of Russian science. The authors work within the framework of the fundamental system-functional approach and apply the structural, historical-logical, complex, comparative, and monographical methods. The conclusions are based on the results of application of such specific analytical methods as classification, structuring, comparison, verification, ranging, indexing, and geographic extrapolation. The use of heuristic potential of these methods increases the validity of the authors’ assessments and the effectiveness of conclusions and recommendations. The authors conclude that scientific studies (and technologies based on these studies) define the innovative vector of the modern economy development, thus promotes the formation of conditions for national security ensuring in contemporary Russia. Such an approach allows interpreting scientific studies (in terms of their integration into the market relations system) as an active source of national security of Russia in a complicated geopolitical situation. 
Tikhanychev O.V. - On the legal and ethical aspects of autonomous use of mobile robots in the sphere of military operations pp. 33-42


Abstract: The subject of this research is the application of autonomous robots of various designation. The object of this research is the occurring legal and moral-ethical aspects. The work is conducted on the example of the use of robotics in military sphere. Analysis of peculiarities of the modern military actions demonstrated that one of the revolutionary aspects in military sphere lies in implementation of robotics in the battlefield. However, the implementation of this trend generates certain problems in the legal and humanitarian sphere. As with any weapon, use of battlefield robots can results in critical errors, divided by the experts in the errors of first and second type. In robotics, the primary cause of such errors consists in functionality of software of robotic systems. If for conventional armament the consequences of these errors are predictable and responsibility is established, then in the case of using battlefield robots, the situation requires a solution. Based on the general review of the legal and moral-ethical problems of using mobile robots, possible consequences and causes of occurrence of errors of first and second type, the article synthesizes articulation of the scientific task of solving the problem of allocation of responsibility between developers and users of such systems.
Chirov D.S., Novak K.V. - Perspective Directions of Development of Military Robotic Systems pp. 50-59


Abstract: The article considers the questions regarding the status and improvement of military robotic systems on the basis of the analysis of the existing nomenclature of robotic systems in foreign countries. The authors of the article provide a brief overview of existing types of robotic systems for special purposes, and describe their characteristic features and major problems. They demonstrate that at the moment special purpose robotic systems solve a limited number of tactical tasks, however, not significantly affecting the forms and methods of armed struggle. At the same time, being formed over the past decade in fundamental and technological areas of science, these capacities allow to speak about readiness for transition to a fundamentally new level, robotization of the armed forces. The research involved statistical analysis of more than 700 samples of robotic systems designated for special purposes. The result of the research identified the main directions of research on the development of special purpose robotic systems: improving resource and intellectual autonomy; construction modularity and reconfiguration; design and technological standardization samples and their key functional components; noise immunity and secrecy of communication systems and management.
Shurekov V.V., Samokhina S.S., Mukhunova Y.V., Aksenova M.Y. - Calculating the Chance of Aircraft Being Hit with Lightning During Flight in Thunderstorm Above the Territory of the Russian Federation pp. 51-58


Abstract: The subject of the research is the calculation of the change of aircraft being hit with lightning during flight in thunderstorm above the territory of Russia. It has been discovered that short- and midrange aircrafts are less susceptible for thunderstorm attack while long-range aircrafts have more changes to be hit with lightnin. The most dangerous thunder clouds for aircraft are super-cellular clouds. The methodological basis of the research is the combination of theoretical and model (estimation) approaches. The initial data for calculations are flight characteristics of the most popular aircrafts and characteristics of thunder clouds. The novelty of the research is caused by the fact that the calculations obtained as a result of the research can be used to predict the change of aircraft being hit with lightning during flying under the conditions of increased electrical activity of the atmosphere. The authors also give recommendations for individuals who often use aircraft as part of their life activity regarding how to plan flights under the conditions of increased electrical activity of the atmosphere.  
Baltaev R.K., Lunegov I.V. - The method of increase of the transmitted information secrecy using the minimal possible change of the image pixels with its maximal filling with information pp. 52-59


Abstract: The research subject is the steganographic methods of data protection, able to hide not only the contents of the transmitted information, but also the very fact of transmission. The authors consider an important problem of creation of steganographic systems of information protection – the high secrecy of information transmission, which is the most important characteristic of such systems. The secrecy is understood not only as a visual or sound indistinguishability of a digital media file from the media file with embedded information, but also the statistical indistinguishability. The research methodology is based on the objective metric of image distortion, including the generally accepted figure – peak signal to noise ratio. The scientific novelty of the study consists in the proposed method of increase of the hidden transmission of information using the minimal possible image distortion with its maximal filling with embedded data. The authors analyze the most widely used steganographic systems of information protection. The authors ascertain that the most promising method of steganography is the method of direct spectrum broadening, since it has particular advantages compared with other methods. The problem of a high level of secrecy of information transmission, connected with the unacceptably high level of a container distortion upon the hidden data embedding is solved using this method. Based on the peak signal to noise ratio, the authors study the distortion of digital images with hidden information, embedded using different methods. The proposed method demonstrates the best results. 
Kuzmenko A.N. - The Use of the Polymorphic Modification of Software Code for Increasing Reliability of the Software in Untrusted Environment pp. 64-77


Abstract: Today's information environment when critical systems connect to the public data network including the Internet as the global network, and software is used in untrusted environments, creates the need in particular means that would prevent information threats as well as increase reliability of software. This need is growing especially important under the conditions of rapidly developing cyber weapon capable of malicious takeover or destruction of networks and industrial, social, military and financial infrastructure as well as highly automated industrial and manufacturing lines. In this study Kuzmenko analyzes the approach to increasing reliability of the software from the point of view of computer security and the use of the software in the untrusted environment using the polymorphic modification of software code. The results of the research can be used for protection of programming elements of crucially important infrastructures both from undeliberate impact of the software environment and deliberate impact of the malicious software. 
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