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Legal Studies

Choosing Administrative Legal Proceedings for the Protection of Rights: Judicial Practice

Ivanova Inga Alekseevna

Post-graduate student, the department of Administrative Law and Administrative Procedure, North-West Institute of Management branch of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation

199034, Russia, g. Cankt-Peterburg, liniya 7-Ya v.o., 16-18

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The subject of the research is the nettlesome issues and questions that relate to a particular legal proceeding based on the selected means of protection of applicant's rights. Ivanova analyzes the provisions of the Administrative Procedure Code of the Russian Federation on the rejection of an administrative application as a result of the wrong selection of the legal proceeding kind. She also outlines the debatable issues in the current judicial practice and defines the matter of debate between parties. The subject of the research is the forthcoming changes in the legislation. The  methodological basis of the research includes basic procedures including analysis and synthesis, analogies, logical, comparative law analysis, etc. Based on the analysis of judicial cases te author comes to the following conclusions: 1. The definition given in Subclase 1 of Clause 1 of Article 128 of the Administrative Procedure Code of the Russian Federation needs to be changed, in particular, to be narrowed, as the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation suggests in its draft law; 2. Despite the fact that the Administrative Procedure Code of the Russian Federation came into effect on September 15, 2015, applicants and sometimes courts still face confusion in administrative legal proceedings when they try to define whether this or that claim should be submitted as administrative offence; 3. Taking into account all the mentioned above, there is a certain abuse of the law from the side of administrative applicants which is demonstrated by the second example. 

Keywords: position, jurisdiction, administrative relations, code of administrative proceedings, defendant, administrative applicant, administrative proceedings, administrative statement of claim, judicial practice, judicial protection
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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