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Legal Studies

On the regulation of robotics in Russia and in the world

Neznamov Andrei

PhD in Law

Head of the Research Center of the Problems of Regulation of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, Lawyer at the International Firm Dentons

125047, Russia, Moscow, ul. Lesnaya, 7

Naumov Viktor

PhD in Law

Associate Professor at Saint Petersburg University, Leading Research Fellow at the Center for the Economics of Continuing Education of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, Head of Russian Practice for Intellectual Property, Information Technologies and Telecommunications, Partner at the International Firm Dentons 

191011, Russia, Saint Petersburg, Nevskii Prospekt, 32-34, building A




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Abstract: The subject and the purpose of the article is the description of general tendencies of regulation of robotics in the world. The authors study the examples of the European Union, China, the USA, South Korea and Japan. The authors analyze the level of development of Russian legislation on robotics. The study characterizes the current state of robotics in Russia, analyzes legislative initiative about the regulation of activity of smart robots (robots-agents). The authors evaluate and substantiate the need for legal regulation of robotics in Russia and analyze the approaches to realization of the necessary regulatory reform. The research methodology includes the method of comparative jurisprudence and comparative analysis of legal systems of different countries for the purpose of detection of common tendencies of regulation of robotics in the world using the examples of the EU, China, the USA, South Korea and Japan. The authors substantiate the need for the earliest solution of the problem of legal regulation of robotics in Russia. The authors formulate the strategy of development of legislation in this sphere. 

Keywords: comparative legal analysis, development of legislation, draft law on robotics, robotics, international experience, robot, legislation, concept, legal regulation, research
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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