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Typology of sexually violent offenders
Semerikova Alla Albertovna

PhD in Law

Lawyer at Bar Association of the Tver region.

171504, Russia, Moskovskaya oblast', g. Pushkino, pr-d Chekhovskii, 5 A, kv. 21

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The research object is the personality of a sexually violent offender. The author considers it as a bearer of reasons of the committed socially-dangerous sexually violent act. The research subject is the key typologies of contemporary studies, which formulate a unified definition of a sexually violent offender. Based on these studies, the author outlines definite psychological and social peculiarities of each of the types, the determinants causing criminal behavior, and the set of needs and motives, which are the key prerequisites of sexual violence. The empirical basis of the article if the psychological and psychiatric study of 132 persons, who have committed sexually violent crimes. The author detects four main type of sexually violent offenders: regressive (characterized by the split of personality caused by psychological disorders); situational (those committing crimes under “favorable” circumstances); asserting themselves (those using sexual violence for boosting self-esteem); compensatory (those committing sexual crime against a person identical to a person sexual contact is impossible with). The acquired results help design a more effective system of sexual offences prevention, with regard to the peculiarities of each of the types of sexual offenders. 

Keywords: reasons of crimes, motivation, regressive type, boosting self esteem typr, situational type, compensatory type, aggression, typology, criminal personality, sexual violence



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This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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