Статья 'Суфражистское движение в Манитобе и материнский феминизм: деятельность Нелли МакКланг в качестве лидера движения' - журнал 'Genesis: исторические исследования' - NotaBene.ru
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Genesis: Historical research

Suffrage movement in Manitoba and maternal feminism: the activity of Nellie McClung as the leader of the movement

Sidorenko Viktoriia

Postgraduate student, the department of American Studies, Saint Petersburg State University

191060, Russia, gorod Sankt-Peterburg, g. Saint Petersburg, ul. Smol'nogo, 1/3, of. 1

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Abstract: This article discusses the role of Nellie McLung in the suffrage movement of Manitoba and the impact of her activity as the ideological and political leader upon success of the movement in achieving the set goals. The author examines the peculiarities of ideological basis and realization of the suffrage agenda and strategy by female movement in the province anchored by Nellie McLung, as well as analyzes the reasons for success of suffrage movement in Manitoba. The assessment of the role of Nellie McLung in the activity of suffrage movement of Manitoba and consolidation of the ideas of maternal feminism within the Russian historiography has not been previously conducted. The author comes to the conclusion on importance of the role of Nellie McLung as the leader of suffrage movement, who was able not only to distribute the ideas of maternal feminism in the province, but also hold an active campaign aimed at achieving the goals of suffrage movement, turning public opinion towards the necessity for acquisition of electoral right by women.

Keywords: maternal feminism, Canadian West, suffrage, women movement, Nellie McClung, Manitoba, feminism, Canada, suffragism, suffrage activism
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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