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Genesis: Historical research

Suicide among peasant youth (the end of the XIX – the beginning of the XX century)

Bezgin Vladimir Borisovich

Doctor of History

professor of the Department of History and Philosophy at Tambov State Technical University

392000, Russia, Tambov Region, Tambov, str. Sovetstkaya, 106

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Abstract: Based on the archive sources, primarily the police reports, this work examines the problem of juvenile suicide of the late XIX – early XX century. The object of this research is the villages of the governorates of the European part of Russia. The subject of the study is the suicide cases among village children and teenagers. Special attention is given to the determination of the motives of a voluntary departure from life of the peasant youth. During the course of this work the author establishes the ways of committing suicide, as well as determines the gender peculiarities of suicide among peasant youth. The methodology of this research is based on the interdisciplinary approach, which allows considering this problem as a manifestation of social deviation of peasantry of the end of the XIX – the beginning of the XX century. The main conclusion consists in the fact that the growth in the number of suicide among the village youth is justified by the influence of modernization process, namely by the events that accompanied it. Breaking down of the familiar way of life resulted in the feelings of fear and despair; the children became the most vulnerable part of the village in such situation.

Keywords: Peasantry, Youth, Village, Suicide, Police, Hanging, Poisoning, Modernization, City, Deviations
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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