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Philosophical Thought

Russian cosmism and transhumanism in the polemic between anthropological voluntarism and providentialism

Suslov Alexey Viktorovich

PhD in Philosophy

Docent, the department of Philosophy, Russian State Social University; Docent, the department of Social Disciplines and Humanities, Moscow Witte University

123995, Russia, g. Moscow, ul. Vil'gel'ma Pika, 4, str. 1, kab. 420

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Abstract: Comprehension of the finitude of individual existence entails the need to find the answer to question of overcoming death, a salvation path that would allow pass through the abyss of nonexistence. Solution to this question implies various forms of immortality: naturalistic, theological, technocratic, creative, sensually-transcendental, etc. Prolongation of life and gaining immortality has become a central problem of such philosophical movements as Russian cosmism and modern transhumanism, which view the victory over death as the project and purpose of mankind. The object of this research is the ethical content and key ideas of the philosophy of Russian cosmism and modern transhumanism. The subject is the origins and evolution of transhumanist worldview in its genetic link with the ideas of cosmic philosophy. This article aims to analyze the methods and means of how a human can improve and obtain immortality, which are advanced by transhumanists, and juxtapose them with the ideas of Russian cosmist philosophers. The conclusion is made that the central idea of cosmism and transhumanism, which lies in overcoming the finitude of human existence, does not find its global humanistic realization: both concepts offer partial and unnatural solutions (autotrophy, resurrection, cyborgization). Emphasis is placed on solution of the problem of immortality in the Christian anthropology in spiritual-moral ethical-philosophical context

Keywords: transhumanistic evolution, posthuman, transhuman, immortality, transhumanism, Russian cosmism, space philosophy, anthropological voluntarism, providentialism, theism
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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