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Philosophical Thought

"The Third Scientific Picture of the World" and Transystem Orientation of Modernism

Belyaev Vadim Alekseevich

PhD in Philosophy

Temporarily unemployed

125364, Russia, g. Moscow, pr-d Parusnyi, 9, kv.63

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Abstract: This paper is an attempt to consider one of the areas of post-modern philosophy of technology called 'technetics' by its author B. I. Kudrin. The so-called "third scientific picture of the world" is formed within the framework of this direction. Technetics and the third scientific picture of the world are considered by the author in the context of the overall logic of modernism (modern European culture) on the basis of the project-system approach: first, that modern thinking as the world project (or projects); secondly, we must think of these projects as answers to a certain system of life challenges; third, we must see in these projects primarily anthropological content. Following the logic design system approach, the author considers the general idea of "nature" that emerged in early modernism as a projection of an "open universe" on the reality on the other side of the person. This view is expressed in a classical scientific worldview called "the first scientific picture" by Kudrin. Between Kudrin's "third picture" which is a way of going beyond the "system" of the organization of humanity and of the universe and "the first picture" there is "the second picture" in which this system organization and thematised. This paper shows how the formation of the logic of modernism reflected, among other things, in the aforesaid three "scientific pictures of the world". The author also shows the immediate context of the formation of the "third picture".

Keywords: cenology, technetics , appliances, interculture, transculture, postculture, culture, modernism, transsystemacity, scientific picture of the world
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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