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Philosophical Thought

Otherness and Time (Contours of Trascendental Aesthetics)

Spektor David Mikhailovich

PhD in Architecture

Docent, the department of Architecture, Moscow State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering

109451 Russia, Moscow, 3-ya Kabelnaya 1

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Abstract: Ideas of time are rather contradictory.Time isn't limited to time (eternally), doesn't depend on the person, his reason, perception, representations – opposite, them causes. And on the contrary.Time is caused by the person, his perception (thinking). The natural place of such position is presented by a form of perception, a sintezama of separate feelings (Kant). Also it is not the last dichotomy connected with time nature. Time allows subjects, including the person, to open the contents (the so-called principle of historicism); the history is the most valuable instrument of obstetric aid of truth. In time frame the seed will be transformed to the sprout, a trunk, escapes blossoming on spring and so forth. But shipped in a formation stream not truly (Platon). The person of subjects is also other than other living beings that can leave the temporary course, renounce boiling of passions and join invariable and eternal truth. As its bosom primary small piece of ice of eternity, an invariable divine eidos acts. Comparison enough obvious abstractions of a temporal row (time condition of discharge, social, physical and so forth abstractions) with its genesis (history) give a reason to judge orders which it is possible to call primary, and their subsequent changes, and created the occurring idea of time nature. The carried-out reconstruction shows that time in sources an essence first of all inobyty, before - standing.At the same time this abstraction of time doesn't act as time yet, showing pure game - with - death, a transcendental figure of transformation - revival-regeneration (initiation).Coming (eternity) finds temporary fullness in updating, in the relation with other (life), in a test event real (real test), moving apart borders in here and now stiffness presence of force (spirit of game improvisation).

This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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