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Contents of Issue № 02/2024
Business organization
Shevchenko D.A., Pribylov V.P. - Modern features of the strategic resources formation for managing the value of trading companies pp. 1-13



Abstract: The resource provision of the implementation of company development strategies is one of the central management problems in competitive conditions, and is especially relevant in connection with the increasing dynamism of changes in the external environment. The cost approach to management, which focuses business on assessing the sustainability and success of development in the long term, pays special attention to the volume, quality and structure of financial resources for the implementation of the development program. At the same time, it is difficult to justify universal approaches and methods for optimizing the structure of resource support for strategic development. Therefore, in the article they are considered in relation to the specifics of a particular branch of trade. The use of up-to-date statistical data in combination with an analysis of general trends and features of financial and investment activity conditions allowed us to draw reasonable conclusions about the modern features of the formation of value growth resources of trade organizations.  The research methodology includes a formal logical method, comparative analysis, statistical methods of quantitative data analysis, generalization and grouping. The results obtained demonstrate that the structure of strategic resources necessary to ensure the growth of the value of trading companies in the long term is dominated by own funds. Taking into account the specifics of the fixed capital of trade and the current dynamics of the Russian financial resources market, the conclusion is made about the limited importance of borrowed funds in financing the strategic growth of the business in this industry. Time constraints, the risky nature of financing, technological priorities and insufficient attention to strategic aspects of business value management determine the structure of resource provision for investment activities in trade. The topic discussed in this article will be of interest to researchers and specialists involved in the formation of strategies for the development of companies and the justification of their resource base in the context of analyzing the increase in the value of the business being implemented, taking into account the structure and risks of attracted external financing.
Financial planning and forecasting
Pavlova T.A., Rogovenko N.S. - The current state of the wine market in Russia pp. 14-26



Abstract: This scientific article explores the current state of the winemaking market in Russia. Taking into account changing consumer preferences, economic factors and legislative norms, the authors analyze the current situation of the industry, its dynamics and development prospects. The article analyzes the wine industry. The dynamics of the growth of the viticulture industry, the importance of which lies in providing wine producers with wine materials, is considered. The structure and dynamics of sales of wine products are studied both in Russia as a whole and by region. The problem of import substitution in the Russian wine market is considered. The research is based on the analysis of statistical data and marketing research. The article examines the main market trends, including changes in consumer demand, competitive advantages of various segments and opportunities for the development of new production technologies. The presented analysis will help entrepreneurs, investors and regulators to better understand the current situation in the Russian wine market and make informed strategic decisions for the future.   To study the current state of the wine market in Russia, a comprehensive methodological approach was used, including analysis of statistical data, marketing research, interviews with industry experts and analysis of the legislative framework. This approach made it possible to cover various aspects of market dynamics and identify key trends. The scientific novelty of this article lies in an updated analysis of the current state of the wine market in Russia, taking into account the latest trends and changes in the industry. The study includes up-to-date data on consumer preferences, economic factors and legislative impact on the wine market. The conclusions of the article emphasize the increasing demand for high-quality and environmentally friendly wines, the growing interest in local producers and the strengthening of the position of domestic wines in the market. The authors of the article also identified prospects for the development of new production technologies and marketing strategies to attract consumers and investors. In general, the article highlights the importance of adapting the wine industry to changing market conditions and offers practical recommendations for industry participants.
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