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Contents of Issue 01/2023
Financial markets
Guseva A.P., Zhesterov P.V., Milov P.O., Pindyurina Y.V. - Risk Management in Lending based on Assets of Small and Medium Enterprises pp. 1-17



Abstract: Bank lending to small and medium-sized enterprises is an established and integral element of Russia's market economy. Over the past three years there has been a positive trend in the development of bank corporate lending, including the introduction into national practice of a new form of asset-based lending (ABL). Scientific works of Russian and foreign economists and lawyers were used as materials for the study. The study was based on the statistical database of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation and the statistics of the national project Small and Medium Entrepreneurship and Support of Individual Entrepreneurial Initiative. We used general methods of scientific knowledge: methods of empirical (comparison, observation) and theoretical (analysis, synthesis) research to study the main indicators of the lending (financing) market for small and medium enterprises (the dynamics of the volume of loans, the dynamics of the number of loans, the dynamics of the number of SMEs receiving credit, the dynamics of debt on loans granted to SMEs, including overdue). The applied research methods allowed us to analyze the SME lending market and identify the main factors affecting the SME lending market in Russia - high interest rates, as well as the growth of overdue loans. Share of overdue loans has averaged 10-15% in different reporting months over the past two years (the analyzed period from April 2019 to April 2021). This study examines current trends in lending to SMEs in Russia, especially the emergence of ABL, which have been underrepresented in recent literature. Recommendations are developed to increase the share of asset-based lending, as well as to increase its volume. The materials of the study can be useful to scholars dealing with this issue, government regulators, as well as commercial banks (including banks with state participation) and factoring finance companies.
Question at hand
Ryabova S.G. - Dominant trends in the development of social infrastructure in rural areas of the Republic of Mordovia pp. 18-31



Abstract: The subject of the study is the dominant trends in the development of the social infrastructure of rural areas of the Republic of Mordovia. The author focuses on the fact that underestimation of the role of social infrastructure and a rather long period of its financing on a residual basis led to an increase in territorial imbalances in its development. Most of the social infrastructure facilities are concentrated in cities and district centers, and rural settlements are still significantly inferior to them in the level of infrastructure provision. The problems of physical deterioration of social infrastructure facilities, as well as the low level of their transport accessibility for the population living far from district centers remain relevant. The unevenness of social living conditions in rural settlements with different populations persists in almost all municipal districts of the republic. A detailed analysis of the structural elements of the social infrastructure of rural areas of the Republic of Mordovia indicates that the preservation of bipolar conditions of territorial development remains the dominant trend. The scientific novelty of this study is to identify territorial imbalances in the level of development of the social infrastructure of rural areas and to develop practical recommendations aimed at reducing them and increasing the infrastructural potential. According to the author, this will largely be facilitated by construction, bringing infrastructure facilities in line with modern requirements, ensuring balanced development of social infrastructure systems, etc. Special attention should be paid to improving the regulatory framework for the development of rural social infrastructure, creating conditions for attracting investment in the social sphere of the village.
Financial politics
Stepanov N.S. - The Role of the far Eastern Macroregion of Russia in Keeping the Economic Potential with the Countries of the Asian Region pp. 32-49



Abstract: The Russian Federation in the current conditions is intensively developing foreign economic relations with many countries of the Asian continent, and the Far Eastern macroregion is entrusted with solving a number of tasks that contribute to ensuring the spatial development of the country. For the further development of relations, it is necessary to take into account the current trends in the development of countries, including their new integration formats of interaction on the Asian continent. The subject of the study is to determine the main trends in Russia's international interaction with the countries of the Asian region in the context of global political events. The purpose of the study is to analyze the problems of the socio-economic development of the Far East, which acts as a key component in the development of interaction with Asian countries, and to find ways to solve them. The methodological basis of the study is the following methods of scientific knowledge: comparative and contrastive analysis, the method of analogies and the hypothetical-deductive method. The scientific novelty of the article includes the author's conclusions about the main problems that significantly reduce the effectiveness and limit the potential of the mechanism of international cooperation under consideration. The results of the study can be used by the authorities for foreign economic activity in the context of the development of the Far Eastern macroregion.
Dorokhov E.V. - Research of Manipulation of Stock Assets on the Example of Shares of American High-Tech Companies of the Nasdaq Stock Exchange pp. 50-68



Abstract: The subject of the study is the processes of manipulation of stock asset prices on the example of shares of American high-tech companies of the NASDAQ exchange. The concept of manipulation of stock assets is formulated and the signs of manipulation of them are presented. The main purpose of the work is to identify signs of manipulation of the stock prices of Facebook, Nasdaq and Google companies from the moment of the initial public offering of the company's shares on the stock exchange (IPO) to the present. The methodology of the study includes statistical methods of data analysis: comparative analysis, correlation and regression analysis. Based on the annual quotes and financial reports of Facebook, Google and Nasdaq, a comparative and correlation analysis of the annual values of investment multipliers is carried out. Particular attention is paid to the comparative and statistical analysis of the data of these companies at the initial time stage after their IPO on the NASDAQ exchange. The result of the analysis showed a fairly strong correlation between them on this indicator. At the same time, a significant overvaluation of Facebook shares was established in the first years after its initial public offering on the stock exchange, in relation to the analog companies of Google and Nasdaq, as well as to the companies listed on the S&P500 stock market of the USA. The scientific novelty of the study lies in the fact that the presented methodology allows identifying signs of manipulation with the share prices of companies-analogues of any sufficiently liquid stock market. The topic of the article is of interest to stock market participants, stock analysts, potential investors and purchasers of companies, as well as to stock market regulators dealing with the reliability and security of its processes.
Financial politics
Mitrovic S. - The potential of business intelligence for the development of analysis of financial and non-financial information in the economic activities of companies. pp. 69-82



Abstract: The subject of the study is the information and analytical support of the economic activities of companies based on the introduction of business intelligence. The object of scientific research is the systems of business intelligence in economic analysis.The purpose of the study is to scientifically substantiate the theoretical and methodological issues of the introduction of business intelligence for the development of the analysis of financial and non-financial information in the economic activities of companies. The research methodology is based on the analysis, grouping of data and generalization. Conclusions and scientific novelty. The scientific novelty of the research lies in the development of issues and principles of the application of modern information technologies of business intelligence for the purpose of further development of the possibilities of economic analysis of the economic activities of companies.The authors determined that a theoretically sound methodology for the introduction of business intelligence allows expanding the possibilities of information and analytical support for economic analysis, provided that: 1) "is based on the basic provisions of the theory of economic analysis, accounting and auditing; information theory, as well as on the requirements of current domestic and international standards, recommendations of research and professional organizations and regulatory committees in the field of development of reporting and economic analysis, information law, state regulation and principles of information and economic security" [1]; 2) reflects the basic principles of the method of economic analysis: the unity of analysis and synthesis, the study of economic phenomena in their interrelation, as well as in development and dynamics; 3) specifies the general methodology of economic analysis methods of information processing, working stages and sequence of analysis;4) is based on analysis and application advanced practical and theoretical experience in the field of implementation of information solutions in the economic analysis of economic activity of companies.
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