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Shchuplenkov N.O., Shchuplenkov O.V. - Empirical Exterritoriality of the Literature of the 'Youger Generation' of Russian Emigrants in the 1920 - 1930th pp. 136-180


Abstract: Exterritoriality is the concept most fully generalizing all options of extra findability of the writer in relation to a native locus and the culture. In application to the creative subject at it two levels corresponding to two plans of literary life: empirical (historical, household, geographical, etc.) and the transempirical, covering plan of art consciousness.Empirical exterritoriality is all possible forms free, at own will, and not free, owing to need, movement from the space in others. On the one hand, cultural pilgrimage, temporary departures, expatriation; with another – expatriation, an izgnannichestvo, dispatch, flight, etc. Transempirical exterritorialityis imaginative stay in others space which can be realized in images imagined, as though real movement or not to be made out in any way, appearing in the form of free movement of the imagination and thought. From the told follows that transempirical exterritoriality is a universal form and a condition of cultural and art development, whether concerns it the writer living in native space and making imagined attacks in other edges, or it is a question of the emigrant, the pilgrim, the exile who of others locus by all means comes back memory to the territory, to the culture.In both options exterritoriality means the change of "creativity zones", assuming crossing of cultural and civilization contexts, transition to other semantic field, other system of existential values, cultural and the everday life "codes" and other chronotope. Change minimum is teh two-running movement "there and back", while in real life creativity is the continuous swaying of "pendulum" of art consciousness.
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