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Kudryavtseva R.A. - pp. 69-75


Faritov V.T. - Nils-Nietzschean. Nietzschean motives of tale S. Lagerlof pp. 114-142


Abstract: The subject of the present article is to study the philosophical content of the geographic tales S. Lagerlof about the journey of Nils (1906-1907). The author provides an explication of philosophical ideas of Nietzsche in the text of the Swedish writer. It focused on the problem of the will to power as a central point the teachings of Friedrich Nietzsche. The specificity manifestation of the will to power in nature and in human existence. Also, the phenomenon of Dionysian beginning, the problem of the relationship of being and becoming, and the problem of morality. The present study used the methodological principles and guidelines of comparative literature and philosophical analysis of a literary text. The main result of the study is the explication of Nietzschean tale S. Lagerlof "Amazing Adventures of Nils Holgerson with wild geese on Sweden". The author revealed the parallels of the test of a literary text with the philosophical writings and rough notes of the German philosopher. Thus disclosed heuristic potential of the conceptual development of Friedrich Nietzsche and the philosophical significance of fairy tales S. Lagerlof.
Kudryavtseva R.A. - Periodization of Finno-Ugric Literature in Terms of Comparative Philology pp. 149-155


Abstract: The present article is devoted to the Finno-Ugric literature community as the subject for comparative analysis as well as the general periodization of Finno-Ugric nations as the problem of comparative philology. The rationale of such periodization is caused by both the artistic creative practice of Finno-Ugric writers with their real interest in national identity sources and modern status of the literature theory, especially in the Urals-Volga region that demonstrate a strong interest towards issues of comparative methodology. The author pays special attention to such typological aspect of Finno-Ugric literature research as the literature in terms of its relation to folklore. This article is of theoretical and methodological nature. Therein the author applies analytical, systems approach, comparative methods of literary studies. in her research Kudryavtseva analyzes all Russian and foreign philological approaches to the systems research of the history of Finno-Ugric literature of Russia and the other world from the point of view of their importance and application as part of the modern academic strategy of Finno-Ugric comparative literary studies.  
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