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This issue is currently being formed. All articles presented on this page have already been included in this issue, are considered published, and will remain unchanged in the final version of the issue along with other metadata of the articles.
Учредитель: Даниленко Василий Иванович, w.danilenko@nbpublish.com
Главный редактор: Дегтярев Александр Николаевич, доктор экономических наук, кандидат технических наук, Aleks-degt@yandex.ru
Contents of Issue № 03/2023
World economy and international economic relations
Osipov E.A. - Development of trade relations between Russia and India under international sanctions on the basis of the North-South transport corridor pp. 1-16



Abstract: The object of the study is trade relations between Russia and India in the context of modern economic and political conditions, including the impact of the international North-South transport corridor and international sanctions. The subject of the study is a detailed analysis of the dynamics, problems and prospects of these relations, with an emphasis on recent changes in the global political situation and their impact on bilateral trade. The author examines in detail various aspects of trade relations, such as imbalance, diversification and strategic cooperation. Particular attention is paid to the role of the North-South ITC in strengthening economic ties. The study also addresses the issues of parallel imports and the possibility of expanding cooperation in the field of high technologies. The novelty of the study lies in a comprehensive analysis of the existing conditions and prospects for the development of trade between the two countries. This analysis includes exploring opportunities for further strengthening and expanding cooperation, as well as providing valuable insights and strategic recommendations. In conclusion, the study highlights that despite existing obstacles such as infrastructure restrictions and sanctions, there is significant potential for strengthening trade relations between Russia and India, which can contribute to sustainable economic growth and cooperation between the two countries, opening up new horizons for bilateral trade and investment.
Economic theory and history of economic thought
Gadirov A.A. - Low carbon full life cycle energy pp. 17-30



Abstract: At the current stage of energy development, it seems that in the coming years, it is hydrocarbon energy that will form the basis of the world energy market. However, there are a number of global changes that inevitably affect the energy industry, among them are: a change in the technological chains of the energy complex, the persistence of the problems of traditional energy, an increase in energy demand, the high impact of emissions from the use of hydrocarbons on the climate, and many others. In this regard, solutions related to low-carbon energy, in particular solar, wind, hydropower and other renewable energy applications, are becoming increasingly important. A special place in this segment is occupied by low-carbon full-cycle energy, which is studied in the article. In particular, in Russia, full-cycle low-carbon energy appears to be a very important part of the development of the energy industry, as it can significantly reduce costs and negative externalities for the environment. In this regard, one of the objectives of the study is to analyze the current situation in the field of low-carbon energy in the Russian Federation, its regulation, as well as development prospects, taking into account the special role of the Russian Federation as one of the key exporters of traditional hydrocarbons.
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