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Man and Culture

The role of non-governmental institutions in protection of medieval fortification architecture of Germany

Terebilov Maksim

Postgraduate student, the department of Museology and Cultural Heritage, Saint Petersburg State Institute of Culture

190000, Russia, Leningradskaya oblast', g. Saint Petersburg, Senatskaya ploshchad', 3




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Abstract: The subject of this research is the activity of non-profit organizations in aimed at preservation and promotion of the monuments of medieval fortification as an integral part of the cultural heritage of the country of their location. The author carries out the classification of non-profit organizations in Germany dealing with the preservation of monuments of fortification architecture of the Middle Ages. Methodological framework is comprised of typological and systemic analysis used for selecting organizations as the key objects of research, as well analyzing the main vectors of their activity. The author explores most significant projects of the selected organizations, their contribution to preservation of the monuments of fortification architecture on the national and international levels. Special attention is given to the analysis of official Internet resources of such organizations in the German and English languages, as well as to the work with digital databases of the objects under review. The novelty lies in conducting classification of non-governmental communities engaged in preservation of the monuments of medieval fortifications in Germany, which allows systematizing them for considering the experience of foreign colleagues within the framework of the approach towards organizing public projects aimed at preservation of the sites of historical and cultural heritage. The author outlines several priority vectors for providing support to the objects of fortification architecture: informational, scientific, financial and tourist. As a result, the author compiles a chart of classification of non-profit organizations, demonstrates interdependence of public initiatives related to preservation of cultural heritage sites on the ongoing globalization processes that take place in the society. Attention is also turned to the differentiated approach towards preservation of cultural heritage on the national and international levels.

Keywords: cultural heritage protection, Germany, non-commercial organizations, public organizations, fortresses, castles, fortification, Assotiation of German castles, Südtirol, Middle Ages
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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