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Publications of Bogolyubov Sergei Aleksandrovich
Agriculture, 2023-2
Bogolyubov S.A. - The place of ecology in agricultural development projects pp. 20-28


Abstract: The adoption of numerous agricultural development projects presupposes their assessment from the point of view of regulating its interaction with the natural environment. In the projects, the legislator's ideas and ideas about the combination of objective laws of nature and legal laws are visible, the importance of natural resources for the development of the agro-industrial complex is reflected, and the proper natural environment is perceived as a condition for further development of agriculture, and not as an object of protection. In general, preference is given to the impact of the natural environment on agriculture, rather than agriculture on the environment. Agricultural projects differ from environmental legislation aimed at ensuring environmental protection by the agro-industrial complex. In projects, as well as acts on the development of agriculture, priority is given to protecting the agro-industrial complex from the negative effects of the forces of nature, their use in the interests of improving food well-being, and not protecting the environment from pollution during agricultural production, although it becomes one of the most important pollutants of nature. Such a bias should be gradually corrected and agricultural development projects should include not only its dependence on nature, measures to overcome it, but also ways of conducting such agricultural production that will negatively affect the quality of the environment to a minimum.
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