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Publications of Ustyukova Valentina Vladimirovna
Agriculture, 2020-4
Ustyukova V.V. - Administrative liability for the violation of legislation in the field of handling and disposal of animal and biological waste pp. 12-20


Abstract: The subject of research in this article is social relations in the field of ensuring biological safety by means of administrative actions for the violations of legislation in the field of handling and disposing of animal and biological waste. The purposes of the research are: analysis of doctrinal approaches to defining the terms “animal waste” and “biological waste”; legal assessment of using the provisions of the Administrative Offences Code of Russia establishing responsibility for the violation of rules of handling and disposing of the above mentioned types of waste; formulation of proposals aimed at the clarification of particular provisions of veterinary rules. The research is based on general scientific and specific research methods (analysis, generalization, the formal-legal, comparative-legal and historical methods). They help the author to consider the evolution of the term “biological waste”, and to define its merits and flaws during the operation of the 1995 Veterinary rules for the collection and utilization of biological waste as compared with the current rules of 2020. The author analyzes disputable issues appearing in judicial practice when considering cases of the violation of veterinary and sanitary rules of biological waste disposal, and describes her own opinion which is not always in line with the position of commercial and regular courts. The scientific novelty of the research consists in the conclusion about the common goals of legal regulation of responsibility in the field of handling and disposing of animal and biological waste and the necessity to regulate them in one chapter of the Administrative Offences Code, rather than in different chapters as they are regulated now. The author states the necessity to clarify the terms “biological waste” and “animal waste” and to consider some of it as recyclable materials. The author attempts to differentiate between the types of waste under study and other types of waste (including food waste of animal origin).  
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