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Contents of Issue № 04/2022
Administrative law, municipal law and environment issues
Manin I. - New Zealand Subsoil Using Legal Regime pp. 1-27



Abstract: The object of the study is the relations of subsurface use in New Zealand, the subject is the legal regulation of the exploitation of New Zealand natural resources contained in the subsurface and on the seabed - in sulfide fields. The author examines in detail the state mechanism of environmental management, paying special attention to the role of local authorities and the indigenous Maori population in the procedure for granting the right to use mineral deposits, as well as the specifics of the search and production of hydrocarbons on the continental shelf, the legal regime of Antarctica, New Zealand subantarctic territories and water areas. The article examines the institution of ownership of land and subsoil, the permissive procedure for the use of natural objects. The relevance of the work is due to its practical significance and reflects domestic economic interests in Oceania. The scientific novelty of the article lies in the originality of the work containing fundamentally new information on the subject of research - the only one in Russia and one of the few published scientific works on New Zealand natural resource law in the world. The publication analyzes the laws in the current year's edition, it can be used for comparative jurisprudence, in the legislative process, for educational, scientific and other purposes, the article contains conclusions on the text and at the end of the study. The conclusion about the sovereignty of the British Crown over the exclusive economic zone and the continental shelf of New Zealand, the proclamation of the New Zealand sovereign as the owner of the natural resources of the relevant waters, contrary to the norms of international maritime law, is important for ensuring peace and global security. The experience of municipal and parliamentary control, specialized environmental justice of New Zealand can be used by the Russian Federation.
Administrative law, municipal law and information security
Duben A.K. - Actual Problems of Administrative Responsibility in the Field of Information Security pp. 28-39



Abstract: The article emphasizes the relevance of drawing attention to the increasing role of administrative and legal provision of information security. The current administrative legislation is analyzed, and proposals are formulated aimed at finding administrative and legal means and methods, problems of ensuring information security. Based on the current administrative legislation, the article presents the author's approach to the problem of legal responsibility in the field of security in the global cybernetic space. The article examines the legal and organizational aspects of the implementation of administrative responsibility measures in the mechanism of ensuring information security, the importance of administrative coercion in the mechanism of building an information society is noted in the work.   The main conclusions of the study are that over the last period of time a number of changes have been made to the administrative legislation in terms of legal regulation of information security. These changes indicate that in the Russian Federation, state control is being strengthened to prevent information threats and risks, while the legislator responds in a timely manner to changes in society in the context of the digitalization of law and geopolitical instability in the world. To date, measures of administrative responsibility for offenses in the field of information security are constantly being developed and improved.With the advent of new information technologies, means of communication and objects of critical information infrastructure in the Russian Federation, it is necessary on an ongoing basis to conduct scientific research on issues of legal liability for unlawful influence on such information objects with the active participation of public authorities in order to introduce scientific and technical developments into practical activities.
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