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Security Issues

The growing demand for "need for the Undeniable" and public security.

Vladimirova Tat'yana Valer'evna

Doctor of Philosophy

Novosibirsk state University of Economics and management

630057, Russia, g. Novosibirsk, ul. Pechatnikov, 9

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The article includes the development of the approach towards the problem of security in the society as sustainable social order in the conditions of growing deviation/variety. It is noted by the author that growth and complication of the social reality is reflected by the growing variety of social situations, ever greater generalization and evening out of social norms, greater topicality of the problems regarding norms in the social sphere.  In such conditions an individual gains more and more independency in establishing his situations, and the activities (communications) in any social structure become more and more complicated. The social communications become de-regulated, and it causes discontentment in the social system as a whole.  The analysis of the evolution theory of N. Luhmann allows one to see the role of deviation in the modern destinies in more detail. The idea of the author is that once the “semantic hypertrophy of variety ” appears, the social system develops a new “salvation formula” for the social order, which is development of network communication space. The network has a unique quantity – the limitless ability to meet the need for the Undeniable. In this sense, one may say that development of network communications “saves” the order in the society by localizing the anomia in the virtual network space.

Keywords: growing variety, semantic hypertrophy, communicative variation, deviation acceleration, deviation accumulation, cyberspace, security of a society, anomy localization, retaining order, network communications
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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