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Contents of Issue № 04/2018
Economic theory and history of economic thought
Payson D. - Peculiarities of application of the category of public good to the analysis of performance and institutional arrangement of space activities pp. 1-20


Abstract: This article examines the fundamental categories of targeted activity, including subjectivity and performance applicable to the modern space activities, as well as discusses the problematic questions of generation public good in the activity of hybrid corporate-public actors. This work is aimed at developing theoretical grounds for institutional projecting and organizational structuring in the area of space activities pertaining to space research and exploration, as well as elaborating alternate versions of organizational design that would ensure efficiency of such efforts with consideration of current institutional trajectory. The methodological base consists primarily of the principle of methodological individualism, viewed from the perspective the impact upon the targeted work of the researchers, explorer, and applied use of space, as well as analysis of results of the work using the value chains. The article also uses the general approaches towards analyzing the inter-sectoral cooperation in economics, as well as the theories of public good. The scientific novelty is defined by the identification of the peculiarities of application of the principles of targeted work by the members of space activities pertaining to state and private sectors; conducted analysis of emergence of specific public good in this sphere; peculiarities of the work of particular corporate-public actors and risks of emergence of institutional traps; proposed versions of organizational arrangement of the tasks of generating public good in the area of space activities. The main conclusion lies in the need for special organizational arrangement of this vector of space activities in terms of the work of hybrid corporate-public actors.
Regional economy
Danilova S.V., Abdulvaliev A.F. - Instruments of socioeconomic support of indigenous minorities of the North pp. 21-29


Abstract: The isolated lifestyle of the indigenous monitories of the North along with the minimized outside interaction becomes a hampering factor in development of secluded territories within any country.  In majority of countries with historical presence of indigenous people have unresolved issues pertaining to preservation of ethnic peculiarities of the indigenous lifestyle, including problems in the area of financial and social support. In the life on the territory of the ancestral habitat and preservation of ethnic customs, peoples of the North possess certain sources of material aid. Financial aid is given to them in forms of subsidies, grants, and one-time payments. In the course of this research, the authors studied the legislative bills, articles and monographs of foreign and Russian researchers, and volumes of statistical data pertaining to the instrument of support of the indigenous peoples of Russia and other territories. The research allowed determining the fact that in the group of countries in question the mechanism for support and preservation of the cultural heritage of the indigenous peoples of the North are very relative and carry attributes of formalism, which testifies to lack of effort spent on tackling this issue. There is a need for global transformation of the existent instruments of social support for the indigenous minorities of the North, which should have been enhanced by the experience of other states in the area of support and stimulation of the life of the indigenous peoples. The scientific approach towards the study of the livelihood of the indigenous minorities of the North allowed formulating new and efficient instruments for social support.
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