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Contents of Issue № 02/2018
Regional economy
Vasin S.M., Gamidullaeva L.A. - Region as a locus of innovation activity pp. 1-11


Abstract: Globalization of the economy encourages the escalation of innovation activity; development of the interfirm collaboration and chain organizational structures; functional integration and cooperation within the firms alongside state and private laboratories, universities; as well as transformation of the business models. The authors examine the theoretical-conceptual basis of the regional innovation system under the conditions of the so-called “glocalization” of the economy. The evolution of network approach in the research of foreign authors is presented. The subject of hits work is the establishment and development of regional approach towards the examination of innovation processes. The article demonstrates the factors that substantiated the transition from the dominant over many years in theory and practice innovation activity of the concept of national innovation system to the concept of innovation systems of the regions. The network approach towards establishment of the innovation systems of the regions is rationalized. The authors form an original perspective of the premises of development of the theory of regional innovation systems, as well as substantiate the advantaged of examination of the innovation processes at the regional level.
Economic theory and history of economic thought
Khorin A.N., Brovkin A.V. - Historical experience of mutual insurance in Russia as a base for development of modern industry non-commercial insurance pp. 12-21


Abstract: This article is devoted to the analysis of the historical scientific-practical experience of mutual insurance in pre-revolution Russia and during the USSR era. Based on the study of a substantial amount of historical and modern publications it is demonstrated that the mutual (non-commercial) insurance was widely used in the Russian Empire. The main objective of this work and its scientific-educational value lies in the increase of knowledge and informing of the broad reader base on the history of mutual insurance as a relevant financial instrument of risk protection. The article demonstrates the role and significance of the mutual insurance in Russia, including its industry application. The authors come to the conclusion that this experience can be successfully applied even today, if supported by the scientific community with regards to informing a broad spectrum of interested parties, development and proliferation of scientific-theoretical and scientific-practical materials dedicated to mutual insurance.
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