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Главный редактор: Швыдкой Михаил Ефимович, Doctor of Art History, shvydkoy.me@gmail.com
Contents of Issue № 05/2018
Culture of the mundane
Mostitskaya N.D. - Modern entertainment tourism as a form of holiday culture pp. 1-6


Abstract: The object of this research is the sphere of tourism in its cultural representation. Using the methodological construct “festive-routine”, the author analyzes the conceptual foundations of tourism practice as a form of “festivity”. Special attention is given to comparative analysis of value foundations of entertainment tourism and Christian holiday. The author gradually describes the stages of cultural practice of entertainment tourism as a form of designing holiday reality; but at the same time, comparing it with the traditional pattern of archaic holiday, characterizes the modern practices of entertainment tourism as a form of “holiday” translation of the ideology of consumption culture. Methodological basis for this research served the works of D. V. Pivovarov about the conceptual aspects of the process of the ideal-formation in culture; theory of synergy presented in the works of S. S. Horuzhy; as well as the concept of modern globalism in the work of A. S. Panarin. The scientific novelty consists in application of the construct “festive-routine” for the analysis of holiday culture, which allows considering sociocultural processes from the perspective of ideal-formation and cultural creativity. The author’s special contribution is the determination of the conceptual foundation of entertainment tourism as orientation towards the experience of emotionalization of the routine practice and designing of the “festivity” simulacrum.
Culture and cultures
Agapova V.N. - Educational practice as a mechanism for preservation of cultural values on the example of the Russian schools in London pp. 7-12


Abstract: Globalization, immense sociocultural transformation, as well as mass culture negatively affect the preservation of cultural identity of the modern Russian society. The deformation of identity becomes particularly noticeable in the conditions of diaspora living of emigrants away from their native culture. The object of this work is the cultural values form the foundation of identity of the Russians; the subject is the mechanisms for its preservation and transfer. The author examines the educational practice of the Russian schools in London. The analysis is conducted based on the detailed, elaborated seven-element model of communication. Methodology leans on the objective-absolutist approach towards comprehension of the essence of values, as well as the axiological approach that allows interpreting cultural practices as the mechanisms of value translation. The scientific novelty lies in reconsideration of the concepts of “cultural values” and “cultural practices”, as well as meticulous analysis of the processes of value translation as an act of communication. A conclusion is made on the need for consideration of educational practice as a mechanism of value translation, which allows preserving and retaining cultural identity in the challenging realities of modernity.
Philosophy of culture
Kalinina G.N., Rybalkina P.V. - Project thinking and “project manager” (philosophical-culturological explication) pp. 13-20


Abstract: The object of this research is the cultural-historical phenomenon of project thinking; the subject is the project manager in their attribute characteristics. The authors examines the phenomenon of project thinking through the prism of the attribute characteristics of “project manager”, identifying their role within the modern cultural project, in the course of which develops the comprehension of cultural project as the boundary of the holistic project culture. This, in turn, increases the appeals to expert assessments on cultural projects yet at their developmental stage. Particular place is given to the study of “Homo projectus” as a new intellectual phenomenon in terms of the “projective” cultural reality that exceeds the limits of the traditional cultural paradigm; simultaneously is implemented the problematization of destructive costs of cultural projecting, considering the specificity of cultural project, which vectors towards the problem of boundaries of the project in culture. The basic methodological instrument is the principle of dialectical equality that allows providing a complete explication of project thinking as a cultural-historical phenomenon. The author also applies the hermeneutic and cultural-semiotic method, thesaurus and context approaches for reconstruction of the concepts “homo projectus”, “cultural project”, “project thinking activity”, “project culture”, etc. The main conclusions consist in the following: 1) the author considers the substantial characteristics of “homo projectus”, including fundamental anthropological and social-transformational manifestations of its activity, which led to determination of the attribute specificity of the existence of “project thought” as a new cultural reality, and description of metamorphoses of project thinking activity in modern cultural practices; 2) the cultural projects is comprehended as a form of temporal consciousness, which allowed determining its framework specificity and distinction of cultural projecting from the “traditional” that sets the schemes of interaction, rather than the attributes of life.
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