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Publications of Skrylnik Gennady Petrovich Gennady Petrovich
Arctic and Antarctica, 2019-4
Skrylnik Gennady Petrovich G.P. - Multifaceted interrelations and interactions between substrates and geomorphological processes in the south and north of the Far East pp. 1-15


Abstract: The object of this study is the Far East, located in a steadily active transition-contact zone of the two greatest structures of the Earth – the Asian continent and the oceans, and Arctic and Pacific oceans. The subject of this study is the nature of the relationship and interaction of relief formation and substrates (litho-, chion - and phyto -) generated by the three spheres of the physical and geographical shell of the Earth and composing the upper horizons of its solid shell. The goal of this work is to elucidate the multifaceted relationships and interactions between substrates and geomorphological processes in the south and north of the Far East. The data (1955-2011) of the author's research, as well as available literary and stock sources are used. Comparative geographical and information methods were used in the analysis. The novelty of the study lies in the fact that the substrates involved in relief formation in different climatic conditions of the Far East, differ in unique appearance and organization.  Results obtained from original materials, with the relevant data from the literature, can be useful in choosing the strategy for environmental management in all of the areas where it must be utmost "gentle", taking into account existing risks and their identified environmental constraints.
Arctic and Antarctica, 2019-3
Skrylnik Gennady Petrovich G.P. - Climatic morphogenesis and stability of geosystems of Wrangel Island pp. 1-15


Abstract: The subject of this study is the Wrangel Island - the island of polar bears (local name - "Umkilir"). There is no indigenous population as such; the area is 7,600 km², out of which 4,700 km² is occupied by mountains in its central part; the highest point is 1,096 m (the Soviet Mountain). The object of this research is the polar landscapes that develop in xerocryotic environment and are notable for the unique appearance and arrangement. The goal and objectives consist in cognizing the nature of the regional climatic morphogenesis and characteristics of the organization (structure and functionality) of geosystems that possess augmented stability in typical environments of landscape genesis and are extremely sensitive to the effects of anomalous factors and processes. The materials and methods contain the data from the author’s permafrost-geomorphological research in Chukotka (1957-1959; 1971-1972), as well as accessible literary sources. The conclusion is made that the current development of Wrangel island’s terrain is defined and controlled primarily by the specific polar climate (directed continentalization of natural conditions; small amount of solid precipitation; high "wind tension" in winter, when snow is intensively blown into the sea; etc.). This results in the absence of the active loci of glaciation. It is determines that the development of morphogenesis on the island proceeds along the path of persistent displacement of nivation processes by constantly expanding and already prevalent cryogenic processes. Such trend of landscape development will continue for the near future.
Arctic and Antarctica, 2019-2
Kachur A.N., Skrylnik Gennady Petrovich G.P. - Modern structure and sustainability of geosystems of the Eastern Chukotka pp. 1-15


Abstract: The object of this work is the polar landscapes of Eastern Chukotka. The research task is to determine the nature and specificity of geological and geomorphological structure of the territory in typical and anomalous environments of cryolithomorphogenesis. The goal consists in the theoretical and practical studies of sustainability and plasticity of the polar geosystems on the background of climatic changes, amid the conflicting interactions between continentality and oceanicity. Special attention is given to the detailed analysis of morpholythogenic effects of the typical and anomalous (extreme – critical and crisis, as well as disastrous) processes and factors. The main conclusion lies in the following: in the course of development of the northern territories and increased interference in their natural environment, all permafrost processes are activated, with the leading role of thermokarst. Special contribution into the study is defined by the fact that, in the context of the upcoming continentalization of climate and assumed conservation the territory in Eastern Chukotka, the traceable natural risks are reducing, and the geosystems, most commonly, retain their initial sustainability. The exogenous crisis situations and disasters are forecasted, which allows making adjustments to the practice of optimal natural resource management. The scientific novelty lies in tracing the sustainable development of the territory, considering not only the compound, but also thorough complexation of the living and fossil.
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