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Contents of Issue № 01/2019
Natural resources of the Arctic and Antarctica
Skrylnik Gennady Petrovich G.P. - Space-time in the development of geosystems and natural risks pp. 1-14


Abstract: The subject of this research is the diverse forms of space and time reflection in the development of geosystems (GS). The object of this research is the GS related to space and existing only in time. The author carefully examines such aspects of the topic as space and time, inseparable from each other, and if compared to other characteristics, are the paramount attributes of geosystems (natural, technogenic, and social) in the typical and anomalous environments. Particular attention is given to consideration of "time", characterized by the active (physical) properties influencing the events in geographic space and manifesting in opposition to the normal flow of processes, leading to the destruction of GS. The main conclusions lie in the positions determining the exogenous crisis situations and disasters as predicted. Author’s special contribution is the revealed opportunity to make certain adjustments to the practice of natural resource management considering sustainable development of the territory. The scientific novelty consists in tracing the sustainable development of the territory, which is based on taking into account not only typical, but also anomalous natural processes and phenomena. Because the exogenous crisis situations and disaster are predicted, the practice of natural resource management can be adjusted considering sustainable development of the territory.
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