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Transportation Herald

Multi-agent approach towards resolution of the task on optimization of freight transports
Oleinikova Svetlana Aleksandrovna

Doctor of Technical Science

Associate Professor, Department of Automated and Computing Systems, Voronezh State Technical University

394026, Russia, g. Voronezh, Moskovskii prospekt, 14

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Romashchenko Denis Alekseevich

Master’s Degree, the department of Automated and Computing Systems, Voronezh State Technical University  

394026, Russia, Voronezh, Moskovsky Prospekt 14




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This article examines the task on optimization of the process of freight transports from the perspective of maximization of the profit. The object of this research is the material and corresponding to them financial flows emerging in delivering of the incoming orders. The subject of this research is the coordination of actions on managing the process of selection of an order by transportation means in large volume transports. The goal of the work consists in formulation of the approach, which allows optimizing the process of freight transports considering the current status and load of the transport from the perspective of maximization of the gained profit. The authors suggest a multi-agent approach as a method of solution of the set task. Each of the intellectual agents of the system resolves the task of purposefulness of receiving the order based on the assigned by it transportation means. As a result, the authors propose a mathematical model of the system, which takes into account the current status of transportation means, their capacity, and the ability of execution of the same order by multiple transports. The scientific novelty consists in development of the structure of multi-agent system with clarification of the key functions of the agents alongside the description of specificity of their interaction.

Keywords: multi-agent approach, mathematical model, minimization of costs, order, transportation means, optimization, freight transports, intellectual agent, structure of multi-agent system , interaction of agents
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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