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Philosophy and Culture

The information context of inflation futurization

Ursul Arkadii Dmitrievich

Doctor of Philosophy

Head of the Center, Scholar at theof the Academy of Sciences of Moldova; Professor, Moscow State Univeristy

119991, Russia, Moscow, Leninskie Gory 1, building #51

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Abstract: The author continues to study the phenomenon of accelerated flow of time at the inflation stage of the Bing Bang named as inflation futurization. Such form of futurization represents the very first process of “advanced futurization” that unfolded in the Universe and has a data component. The data component of inflation futurization is revealed from the perspective of the attributive concept of information. The Inflation state of Bing Bang at the data level kind of “simulated” at a rapid pace, as well as ahead of schedule “forecasted” what started happening in the Universe in a much slower pace in the main line of universal evolution. It is demonstrated that evolution and information are immanently interconnected, which allows forming the information (or even digital) pattern of the Universe, including as a giant quantum supercomputer. It is suggested that in a certain sense the Bing Bang can be interpreted as an information “explosion”, because the accumulation of data is possible only within the expanding in three dimensions space and formation aimed towards the future of time arrow. Time acts as a dimension with a discrete nature in form of the almost indistinguishable quantum of duration, which flow can be examined through the information methods. Thus, the temporal changes (including the “advanced futurization”) will be allowed to simulate and code as a specific “digital” process.

Keywords: informational the Universe, information, inversion-reduction approach, inflationary futurization, global evolution, future, the Big bang, quantum informatics, cosmological singularity, dark energy
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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