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The key role of education in achieving sustainable development goals
Ursul Arkadii Dmitrievich

Doctor of Philosophy

Head of the Center, Scholar at theof the Academy of Sciences of Moldova; Professor, Moscow State Univeristy

119991, Russia, Moscow, Leninskie Gory 1, building #51

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Ursul Tat'yana Al'bertovna

Doctor of Philosophy

Ursul Tatyana AlbertovnaHead of Department of Social Sciences and technologies, professor, National University of Science and Technology MIS&S

119180, Russia, Moscow, ul. Bol'shaya Yakimanka, d.26, kv.174

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Sustainable development requires changes in thinking and ways of acting, and a key role in ensuring these changes is played by the education. Education for sustainable development (ESD) is not only a prerequisite for achieving a sustainable future, but the priority and advancing its means, i.e. the transition to sustainable development begins with the formation of education for sustainable development and the formation of a new globally-sustainable consciousness. ESD becomes one of the key mechanisms for achieving the Millennium development Goals, as well as those new 17 global sustainable development goals that were adopted at the Summit on SD, approving the Agenda in the field of sustainable development until 2030. Adopted a global action programme on ESD, which was announced at the UNESCO world conference on ESD, held in 2014 in (Japan, which gave an assessment of the current state of education in the world and focused on solving the problems of transition of civilization to sustainable development. This goal is new, adopted in Incheon by the concept of education, which is to transform people's lives through education, recognizing the important role of education as the main driving force of development and in the achievement of the other proposed SDG.The article notes that, while continuing the further roll-out of ESD, however, need to start implementing a new strategy for global educational process to accelerate and expand the movement towards "global sustainability". It is shown that the environmental component (and corresponding model) of education currently prevalent in the form of education, which is now called ESD, but that is just the initial stage of formation of a new systemic model of education for sustainable development. For the ecological component of ESD has already added the vision of ESD in temporal perspective as advanced education and interpretation education based on the concept of "security through stable development", future prospects of globalization of education and global education, and will later be synthesized and other models of education (for example, to start the process of comisario education and establishment of the space education on the basis of astronomy and space, global evolutionism).

Keywords: Security, Global education, Cosmos education, Leading education, Sustainable education, Sustainable development, Futurization, Millennium development goals, Environmental education, Education for sustainable development



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This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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