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Social and cultural basis for the interdisciplinary domestic state policy and modern international relations.
Demetradze Marine Rezoevna

Doctor of Politics

leading scientific researcher, Institute for the Cultural Studies of the Ministry of Cultures, Professor of the Department of Global Politics and International Relations of the Russian State University for the Humanities

125993, GSP-3,, Russia, g. Moskva,, ul. Miusskaya Ploshchad',, d. 6

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The modernization character of the modern global processes demands new knowledge, high qualification of state administration. It is a necessary condition for the institutionalization of the modernization processes in all of the sphere of life of the society, participation in the global economic system at the modern basis, implementation of domestic and foreign policy in the interests of society and people.  It is the modernization markers, and not territorial, military or natural resources, that currently define authority, status, prestige and level of development of states.  That is why domestic and foreign policy get more and more closely intertwined, and that is why these problems are directly related to the spread of the modern standards in the various spheres of social life. Without such a domestic policy inclusion of the state into the global modernization processes loses its meaning and gets distorted, and the states themselves lose the status of fully competent participants of international relations.  The social and cultural methodology of the interdisciplinarity introduces the methods of situation analysis, problem diagnostics and forecasting in the sphere of making the model of social and cultural sphere for the future, and participation of society and the state in the modern modernization processes.  The key role is given to the idea - the modernization goal, which  shall form the content-matrix for the course of development of the state and allows to find responses to the questions: what needs changing, how and why it needs changing, what should be achieved, and what the use for the society and necessary period for changes are.  The social and cultural methods of interdisciplinarity serve as instruments for the influence on specific objects, defining the trajectory of their transfer from one status to another and the parameters of their motion towards the goal.

Keywords: modernization and counter-culture, social and cultural methodology, expert function, analysis and diagnostics, prognostics and equifinality, verification and hermeneutics , bifurcation, attractor, semiotics, instavration, methods allowing to overcome a problem, typology of problems



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