Статья 'Элементы XPath-подобных языков в задачах построения смысловых XML-моделей текстов на естественном языке' - журнал 'Кибернетика и программирование' - NotaBene.ru
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Cybernetics and programming

Elements of XPath-like languages in problems of constructing semantic XML models of natural language texts

Pekunov Vladimir Viktorovich

Doctor of Technical Science

Software Engineer, JSC "Informatika"

153000, Russia, Ivanovskaya oblast', g. Ivanovo, ul. Tashkentskaya, 90

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Abstract: The subject of the research is the possibility of using XPath-like micro-languages of programming in the generation systems of programs of the PGEN ++ class for the selection and completion of XML-models describing the plan for solving the original problem, according to which the solver program is generated. It is supposed to build such models according to the description of the problem in natural language, thus, we are talking about elements of artificial intelligence technologies. XPath-like language works in the layer of regular-logical expressions (highlighting elements of the primary XML document), performing primary processing of the data obtained in the layer of grammatical parsing of the source text. In addition, XPath-like elements are used to render the final XML models. The standard natural language parsing libraries are used. Non-standard XPath query language extensions are used. For the first time, the idea of expanding the XPath query language to the level of an algorithmic language by introducing the minimum required number of syntactic elements is proposed. It is also proposed to use syntactic elements with an XPath-like structure as both generating and controlling weak constraints of the process of direct inference of final semantic XML models.

Keywords: natural-language processing, algorithmic completness, model completion, weak restrictions, algorithmic XPath, program generation, artifical intelligence, sense model, direct inference, link-grammar parsing
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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