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Gladkov I.A. Application of trajectory analysis to design a system of safe take-off and landing of aircraft

Abstract: The subject of this article is the application of some techniques of high-precision trajectory analysis for the improvement of safety of takeoff and landing of aircraft. This issue critically important for airports with the high density air traffic, where the air traffic service (ATS) is responsible for the safety of takeoffs and landings. Nowadays the Instrument Landing System (ILS) is the primary system for these purposes, but all categories of the ILS equipment are sensitive to interferences/obstructions and depend on meteorological conditions. The use of the Satellite Navigation System (SNS) smooths over the deficiencies of the ILS, but without additional components, it does not ensure accuracy comparable at least with the ILS CAT I.The study aims at finding the approaches for obtaining accurate, reliable and credible navigation data directly on board of the aircraft, regardless of weather conditions. The proposed approach is based on the mathematical model of the system of trajectory measurements, defining the flight parameters of an aircraft in a non-query mode.In order to achieve the research goals, the author uses the methods of linear algebra, mathematical modeling of stochastic processes, and computer methods of measurement data processing.The mathematical model and the results of the simulation demonstrate the possibility of high-precision measurement, on board of a plane in a non-query mode, of six current navigation parameters: distance; radial velocity; azimuth; elevation and the rate of change of azimuth and elevation. The proposed method allows increasing the safety of takeoff and landing of an aircraft in the most adverse weather conditions (Сategory IIIс ICAO).


Navigation data, Aviation Safety, Takeoff and Landing, Signal reflection, Landing trajectory, Satellite Navigation System, Instrument Landing System, Trajectory analysis, Mathematical model, GLONASS

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This article written in Russian. You can find original text of the article here .
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