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Genesis: Historical research

Discussion about Organizational Models of Russian Judicial Management

Abdulin Robert Semenovich

associate professor of the Department of Criminal Law and Process at Kurgan State University, resigned judge of the Kurgan Regional Court, honored lawer of the Russian Federation. 

640000, Russia, Kurganskaya oblast', g. Kurgan, ul. Pushkina, 187

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Abstract: In article formation of domestic model of judicial management is investigated happens. The author considers institutional registration of this branch of public administration since Petrovsky judicial reform of 1717 - 1723 on which further development of institute of judicial management was based subsequently. Organizational models of judicial management were formed under the influence of ideas and are more whole than the state at various historical stages of development of the state. According to them functions, structure, competence of subjects of judicial management, a form and methods of organizational activity were formed. The author of article comes to a conclusion that in the development the administrative thought in judicial system underwent essential changes that allows to allocate certain stages of such management and models inherent in them. The author of article in research used the following general scientific methodological approaches: historical and situational, historical and retrospective approach, problem and chronological and others which allowed to open sense of the phenomena and value of the past from a certain historical distance. The complete reconstruction of historical process of formation and development of judicial management and achievement of understanding of the present was given help the principle of distinction between the past and the present and the principle of understanding of history as process. The author of article made an attempt on the basis of an integrated approach to comprehend process of formation of models of judicial management and system of its bodies and establishments to which the state delegated powers of authority. Thus special attention is paid on the historical and legal nature of organizational registration of models of judicial management. Historical development of models of domestic judicial management demonstrates that our country moved at the same time in all directions, including from an autocracy to democracy and from democracy to an autocracy. Elements of both of these modes really existed and in ideological and theoretical, regulatory base, in practice of functioning of models of judicial management.

This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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