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Philosophical Thought

Metaphysics of pedagogical technologies in the Medieval era (on the example of Chartres school)
Markovtseva Ol'ga Yuryevna

Doctor of Philosophy

Professor, the department of Humanitarian and Social Disciplines, Ulyanovsk Civil Aviation Institute named after Chief Marshal B. P. Bugaev

432071, Russia, Ulyanovsk, Mozhaiskogo Street 8/8

Borodina Natalya Vyacheslavovna

PhD in Pedagogy

Dean, the faculty of Aviation Specialists Training; Docent, the department of Humanitarian and Social Disciplines, Ulyanovsk Civil Aviation Institute named after Chief Marshal B. P. Bugaev

432071, Russia, Ulyanovsk, Mozhaiskogo Street 8/8

Leontieva Ludmila Stanislavovna

PhD in Philosophy

Docent, the department of State and Municipal Administration, Kazan Federal University

420008, Russia, respublika Tatarstan, g. Kazan', ul. Kremlevskaya, 18

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This article describes the relevance of metaphysical problematic of specificity of pedagogical technologies on the example of Chartres school. Specialization of the set by this research goals and tasks forms the phenomenological area of the object and subject of this work – the metaphysics of educational technologies. They manifest in certain, but constantly relevant innovational historical circumstances. The scientific strategy of description of metaphysical integrity pertains to the development and changes in pedagogical alongside general cultural policy of the society. In the innovational work of Chartres educational center, we can observe the utmost manifestation of such policy. The article describes the specificity of these innovations, as well as metaphysical conditions for their institutionalization. The created methodological-thematic and structural-subject area is heuristic to the structured upon its foundation model of explication and depiction of the metaphysical and pedagogical experience of Chartres school. The conclusions attained during the course of implementation of the research strategies of the authors are diverse. Let us highlight the key one, which is general in content of the work: in Medieval era, the theological-metaphysical conditions of formation of the pedagogical-technological experience did not allow combining the theoretical and practical areas of their pedagogical culture into the integral structure; it happened later. However, Chartres educational center was able to realize such convergence.

Keywords: Chartres school, Middle Ages, education, rationality, history of philosophy of pedagogy, pedagogical technologies, metaphysics, philosophical-theological culture, pedagogical ethics, scholasticism



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This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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