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Philosophical Thought

Modernization projects and practices in Russia’s historical experience

Sizemskaya Irina Nikolaevna

Doctor of Philosophy

Chief research assistant of the Division of Social Philosophy at Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences

109240, Russia, g. Moscow, ul. Goncharnaya, 12, str. 1, of. -

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This article examines the models of modernizations followed by Russia, beginning with the reforms of Peter the Great and up until the XX century. Special attention is given to the trends of transformations, which in response to the challenges of time were carried out in the area of government structure and economic life of the Russian society, considering the historically established legal norms and spiritual-cultural traditions. In I. N. Sizemskaya research, the history of Russia’s modernization is presented as the history of geopolitical and cultural relations of Russia and Europe; the reforms of Peter the Great are being considered as its origins, which after accepting Christianity, became the first major attempt to include the country into the all-European course of development. The author believes that the reforms of Peter the Great were not a modernization in its classical form, i.e. a transition from the traditional society to modern society, but they drastically turned the society towards the reformations in the political-administrative, religious, and cultural institutions, as well as defined the beginning of its path towards the innovation development according to the vector of Modern Times. An important factor in this process became the establishment of a platform for the emergence of Russian culture, similar to European. As the next historically significant stage of modernistic reforms, the author reviews the reforms of Alexander II, which were actively supported by the Russian liberalism. Such reforms oriented towards capitalization of the Russian society, taking into account its actual state and readiness for the innovation transformations. As demonstrated by I. N. Sizemskaya, the West will become the example of development; capitalism will become the goal; and the “catching modernization” – the way for its achievement. Within the retrospective socio-philosophical analysis of the model of modernization, the author of this article bases herself on interpretation of modernization as the process that captures all spheres of social life and contains a sociocultural component as a guarantee for success, which provides a sustainable character to the implemented changes.

Keywords: Reforms of Peter the Great, Era of Great Reforms, Alexander II, Russian liberalism, Russia’s model of capitalization, Catching modernization, Culture, Economics, Innovation development , Modernization
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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