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Philosophical Thought

Social and philosophical foundations of sustainable development
Nemtsev Ivan Anatol'evich

post-graduate student of the Department of Global Studies and Geopolitics at Siberian Federal University

663690, Russia, Krasnoyarskii krai, g. Zelenogorsk, ul. Sovetskaya, 5a, kab. 6

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The concept and strategy of sustainable development becomes more urgent in the world. Problems faced by the international community, can’t be solved by one state, that’s why globalization and the transition to “sustainability”, act as the need of construction of the future in the modern world. Over the last century the rate of production and consumption has risen sharply, which negatively affected the environment. Nowadays mankind spends far more resources than it spent in the previous centuries and than it is permissible for the planet. There is a contradiction between the possibilities of nature in its global scale and the “superneeds” of humanity that have been piled in the model of unsustainable development. At the moment, this contradiction is only increasing, despite the attempts of various organizations around the world to ensure the rejection of the consumption ideology and create the direction of the mankind to protect the environment (co-evolution of humans and nature). Nowadays society placed itself in a situation where it is obliged to coordinate their actions with nature for its further existence. Human attitudes to the nature only as a source of resources must be changed in the XXI century, otherwise humanity will come to disaster.The author examines the social and philosophical foundations of the concept of sustainable development. The article describes the relationship between the constituent components of sustainable development (social, economic and environmental) and basic human needs, as well as highlighted security as meta-component based on the triad component (which makes the concept of a system-integrated). Author discloses a socio-philosophical sense of the idea of sustainable development as a possible global ideas of humanity and the associated formation of a global sustainable human civilization. In domestic social philosophy remains controversial question of Russian identity, about the prospects of Russia in the future, about the national idea in Russia. The author of the article attempts to answer these questions. Providing space security globally and becoming a sustainable global civilization noosphere author regarded as the ultimate goal of the historical development of mankind (on Earth), followed by the conquest of space.

Keywords: sustainable development, society, globalization, security, global civilization, evolutionism, dynamical systems, integration, Eurasian Union, global problems



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This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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