Статья '«Сердечная приверженность» и «глубоко оскорблённое честолюбие» (к истории отношений между Карамзиным и Пушкиным в 1818-1820 гг.)' - журнал 'Litera' - NotaBene.ru
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'Heart-Felt Devotion' or 'Deeply Hurt Ambition' (On the History of the Relationship between Karamzin and Pushkin in 1818 - 1820)

Perevalov Valerii Pavlovich

PhD in Philosophy

Senior Scientific Associate of the sector of Phylosophy of the Russian History, Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences

109240, Russia, Moscow, Goncharnaya Street 12. building #1

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Abstract: The article is devoted to the relationship between Nikolay Karamzin and Alexander Pushkin during the period of social discussions around the first eight volumes of The History of the Russian State (1818 - 1820).  'Close reading' of Pushkin's texts about the Historiographer, microanalysis of these texts in terms of the historical environment of those times and application of new materials, although the latter were already known disregarding thereto, allow to specify the exact time when the Poet wrote one of his best epigrams about Karamzin: 'His History attains gracefulness and simplicity...' The basis for defining the date of Pushkin's epigram was the author's statement that the same critical oppositions against the concept of 'saving czarist regime' could be expressed both in prose and poetry. Clear logical distinction between those is necessary because their authors, time of creation and environment where they were created were absolutely different. The author focuses on the moment of creation of that epigram because the epigram represented a crucial landmark event in their relationship, in particular, the point where their personal relationship was broken up. In its turn, the length of existence of the epigram and environment where the epigram became popular were the factors that later allowed the partices to reach a compromise as a result of the events when Karamzin defended the Poet during proceedings about the authorship of satirical poems against the government. The Historiographer (along with others) asked for the mercy for Pushkin while remaining politically opposed to Pushkin's views in April of 1820. The 'heart-felt devotion' of Pushkin to Karamzin was restored and later played an important role in Pushkin's creative writing when the Poet wrote about the 'deed of the honest man' and dedicated his Borin Godunov to Karamzin, etc.

Keywords: Pushkin, young Jacobins, The Brothers Turgenev, Alexander the First, History of the Russian State, czarist regime , criticism, prose, epigram, Karamzin
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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