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Man and Culture

Synergy. Synergetics. Dialectics
Berseneva Tatiana

PhD in Philosophy

associate professor of the Department of Philosophy and History at Siberian Academy of Physical Culture

644042, Russia, g. Omsk, pr-d Sportivnyi, 6, kv. 65

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The author of the article makes a hypothesis that the usage of the term 'synergy' can unable a common vision of the human and culture in general as well as cover the gap between the three main approaches to anthropology: natural scientific, philosophical and theological. Based on the aforesaid problem, the author of the article analyzes the definition of synergy. According to the author, the term 'synergy' has a wide scope which includes, first of all, Orthodox theology because synergy is the concept of the mystical ascetic Orthodox tradition of Hesychasm. Secondly, it includes the term 'synergetics' because both of these words have the same root meaning 'common'and 'energy'. Thirdly, it inludes dialectics because synergy is basically a form of the dialectic contradiction. The author of the article offers a definition of synergy as the joint action or interaction of different potentials and energies that share the common orientation at the ideal and achieve the synergetic effect.  

Keywords: synergy, synergetics, dialectics, interaction, dialectical contradiction, Orthodox theology, synergetic approach, synergetic effect, Hesychasm, Byzantine philosophy



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This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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