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Publications of Tropina Zhanna
National Security, 2019-4
Tropina Z. - Prevention of misselling as a measure of ensuring safe investing for individuals pp. 98-105


Abstract: The problem of entrance of a private investor into the national financial market is one of the widely discussed topics. The funds of private investors are essential for the replenishment of financial market resources that ensure growth of the Russian economy. Among the conditions for entrance of a private investor into the national financial market is the formation of protection mechanism from misselling financial instruments. The subject of this research is the causes for conducting misselling by financial organizations and measures that would help overcome and ban misselling. The goal of this research is the analysis of the measures already undertaken in prevention of misselling, as well as measures that are to implemented in the nearest future. Among the main conclusions are the theses that private investors entering the national financial market require comprehensive protection in light of the complications in the conditions of investing, as well as the need to expand the measures on misselling prevention into the stock market. The novelty of this research consists in substantiation of the need to expand the range of measures on prevention of misselling on the financial market and the need of intensifying the fight against misselling in the context of legislative definition of new complex financial instruments with high levels of risk.
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